An elegant Dublin Wedding with pretty white details and a hint of sparkle

Today I am thrilled to share this elegant Dublin Wedding with pretty white details and a hint of sparkle at the Bonnington Hotel.

Images were captured by Olga Hogan Photography.

Dublin based Olga is a documentary style photographer who focuses on all the raw emotions and intimate details of the couples Big Day resulting in the capture of truly beautiful memories.


She says of the couple and their Dublin Wedding day…


There is a preconception that getting married is something reserved for the young but Margaret and Tom would beg to differ.

It makes no difference to tie the knot when you’re in your 20s or whether you are in your 70s, love remains love throughout the passage of time.

When you meet the couple you couldn’t think of a better example of two completely different people complementing each other.

Tom is steady and calm while Margaret is full of energy and daring ideas!

Margaret and Tom had been together for a good number of years, having met on a cruise when they were both in their 50s.

So some 20 years later they finally decided to throw a party for all their children, grandchildren, family and friends and get married. Only it wasn’t so simple – due to family matters they ended up rescheduling their wedding date 3 times.

They do say 3rd time’s the charm, so in November 2017 the couple had their ceremony at the Bonnington Hotel in Dublin.

Margaret paid a lot of attention to small details and wanted to create a white diamond wedding theme.

She picked a beautiful white dress for herself and deep navy bridesmaids dresses for her two daughters. Her son, who serves in the Irish army, gave her away in full military regalia.

It was a simple civil ceremony but no one could overlook the love, affection and passion Tom and Margaret have for each other.

The reception afterwards had a real party atmosphere.

Margaret and Tom both dance as a hobby, and their line dancing friends put on a real show.

With her feisty personality, Margaret also gave a fantastic speech and even celebrated her 70th birthday on the same night!


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