An Elegant rustic inspired Wedding at Muddifords Court Country House with pretty pink details

Today I am thrilled to share this elegant rustic inspired Wedding at Muddifords Court Country House with pretty pink details.

Images were captured by Will Reddaway of WR Photography.

Will offers informal, contemporary and documentary style wedding photography across Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.


I now hand over to gorgeous Bride, Rachael…


How did we meet?

“We live in Wellington, Somerset, and have lived together here for the last 3 years.”

“Dan is an Air Traffic Controller and I (Rachael) am training to be a Counsellor. We have a daughter called Isla who is 2 years old.”

“We met through work in 2012 at Exeter Airport, though we didn’t get together until the following year.”

“We worked together in the same department (Air Traffic Control Department) and got to know each other there.”

“One day Dan asked if he could take me out. He surprised me with a day trip to the Isles Of Scilly, somewhere I had always wanted to go, and that was that!”

“We got together properly and by the following summer we were expecting our daughter and moved in together.”

Our Engagement

“We got engaged on the 10th January 2016”

“Dan had surprised me at Christmas with a trip to Bruges, and we were going on the 11th January.”

“I was expecting it to happen whilst we were away and I think Dan knew that, and wanted to catch me off guard when I wasn’t expecting it which he definitely did!”

“During a family meal to celebrate my Grandma’s 90th birthday on the 10th, just before we were about to eat, he got down on one knee in front of my nearest and dearest and it was so special.”

“It was so nice to share it with everyone especially my Grandma who unfortunately passed away a few months later and didn’t get to see the wedding.”

“It was nice to have our daughter there also and we were able to then go on a celebratory trip away with our daughter the day after. It was perfect!”

Our Wedding Planning Journey

“I had previously been to a wedding at Muddifords so I knew already it was the place I wanted to get married.”

“It was the perfect setting with a country house to get ready in but then a collection of beautiful barn conversions for the ceremony and reception, adding so much character and rustic charm.”

“We knew our photographer already after meeting him at a mutual friends wedding and seeing his work, so we booked him straight away.”

“We planned the wedding in 11 months, which to be honest was enough time as we knew what we wanted so it was just a matter or ringing people and booking them!”

“The food and drink was very important to us as anyone who knows us knows how much we love our food and drink.”

“So we carefully chose the wine and prosecco that was served, to make sure it was appealing to everyone.”

“We went to a couple of food tastings to get it just right, and wanted to offer everyone a selection without having any waste.”

“So we decided to do a trio of starters and a trio of desserts, so it was highly likely that most people would like at least one or two of the three offered.”

“I had 4 bridesmaids and finding the right dress for them was probably the most challenging part of wedding planning.”

“It was great fun though and when we found the right dresses everything else just fell in to place as they represented the colours and theme of the wedding perfectly.”

“With my dress, I knew instantly that it was the right one, and only tried on 5 in total.”

“I had kept an eye on trends beforehand and lace is so big at the moment.”

“Luckily it also worked so well with our theme and the setting also.”

“There’s so much to planning a wedding and we just made lists and worked our way through them, focusing on making sure that everyone would have fun and would remember it for the atmosphere.”

“It was all about the party aspect; the singing, dancing, magic tricks, and as long as everyone was smiling then we were happy.”

“We feel our day really represented us as people and our personalities showed through our choices of entertainment.”

“A couple of months beforehand we booked the wedding singers, who pretended to be waiting staff until the end of the meal and then burst in to song!”

“They performed for 45 minutes and really made our day. It was incredible, everyone was up singing and dancing and it created a party atmosphere early on.”

“We didn’t want any parts of the day to become stale where people get bored so we created an itinerary that made sure everything flowed one after the other.”

“This filled that part between the food finishing and the evening starting, getting everyone in to the spirit.”

“There was tea and coffee served which I think is important especially as we had some non alcohol drinkers and it was also getting colder by early evening being December. We had sweet cart which went down very well and was empty by the end of the evening!”

“As it was December, we wanted to include sparklers which we thought would look great in pictures, and as it goes dark early, it added another dimension and some more entertainment before the band started.”

“Along our journey we just kept thinking of things to have that would suit the time of year and the needs of our guests as well as our own.”

“There was always something else that we wanted, so as long as we could make it work, we had it. We definitely had a feeling of ‘just do it’ with this wedding, and didn’t want to regret having not had something we wanted.”

What was the Theme/ Colour Palette?

“The theme was elegant with a rustic charm.”

“I wanted to incorporate the look and feel of the beautiful barn conversions in to the day, with the beams and greenery.”

“I liked that there was some age to them, and there was nothing that felt modern about it.”

“The house is stunning so we made sure we got some pictures inside that and its where the bridal party got ready.”

“With role top baths and walnut furniture, it just made for some great pictures and felt very special on the day.”

“By adding lace and beading through my wedding dress, I hope I carried on that rustic vintage theme.”

“The colours were pinks, lilacs and greys, which worked well together.”

“The men wore pink ties and the bridesmaid dresses incorporated all the colours, and were really representing the colour palette on the day.”

“The centre pieces for the tables were a selection of flower arrangements in martini glasses and various sized arrangements to create height and show off the beautiful colours.”

“The room is quite a good size so I didn’t want it to look empty and as we went for mostly white on the tables and table chair covers, we needed some colour on the tables.”

“There were lights in the martini glasses that really illuminated when it started to go dark which it was doing by 4pm. It created a lovely sparkle to the tables and added that ‘luxe’ aspect that I was looking for.”

Best Bit of the Day?

“I should probably say the ceremony but to be honest I was so nervous for it that I don’t remember much and was pleased to get it over with!”

“I was looking forward to seeing people I hadn’t seen for a long time and when I walked down the aisle I could see everyone and just kept thinking how nice an afternoon it’s going to be and I cant wait to see everyone’s faces when the wedding singers come out!”

“We had kept that as a surprise so it was on my mind a lot beforehand as I just knew it was going to go down so well with everyone.”

“Our favourite part of the day was definitely the wedding singers, and thankfully no one there had seen them before so it was all very new to them.”

“It set the precedence for the evening and they didn’t disappoint. Dancing and singing to them with all our closest people around us was elating and such a good feeling.”

What advice would we give?

“I think you have to be quite decisive and trust that if you communicate well with suppliers and family/friends on what you want, it will all fall in to place.”

“Don’t be afraid to delegate! Be organised but don’t let it stress you out, and plan the timings of the day well so that you have in your mind how its all going to flow.”

“Best to make things one after the other so there are no gaps and if it over runs it doesn’t matter, rather than having big gaps to fill and people standing around being bored and/or hungry/thirsty!”

“Give everyone in your bridal party the itinerary for the day and give them all jobs so they can help move the day along for you.”


Photo by Will Reddaway [WR Photography]



Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Muddifords Court Country House

Photographer- Will Reddaway

Dress – Sassi Holford 

Bridesmaid Dresses – Coast

Suit Hire – Moss Bros

Cake Maker- Lindsey Pope (Family Member)

Florist – Eden Florists – Taunton

Videographer – Phil Wiseman –  Daisy Daisy Films

Rings – Ernest Jones

Stationary – Invitations –  Pure Invitation and seating plan/ Table names/ Place names – Carly Press – Wellington

Make Up – Anna Kate Professional Make Up Artist

Hair- Laura Bukin Hair

Food – Scoff Catering

Candy Cart/ Chair Covers – The Devon Wedding Company

Magician – Dan Brazier Magician

Band- The Jack’s Band

Wedding Singers – The Best Singing Waiters


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