An industrial chic wedding in Manchester at the Victoria Warehouse with New York and rustic details

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous industrial chic wedding in Manchester at the Victoria Warehouse with New York and rustic details.

The couple are Lucy and Dan with super bridal party support from Wilson the Pug.

Images were captured by Luke Holroyd Photography.


Luke Holroyd is a photographer form Leeds capturing Weddings across the UK & Overseas.

His work is both imaginative and natural and he loves capturing couples who really enjoy being creative and expressive.


Luke says of the day…


Awesome day to be a part of… laugh, smiles, smoke bombs, yellow cabs and WILSON THE PUG!

I find this hard to call work when you not only get to snap two awesome people but also get to know them so well!

I feel like I’ve gone on a huge journey with these two, right from the day they booked and Lucy started writing Bride Diaries with me, to their pre wedding shoot and all the amazing time in between!


I hand over to beautiful Bride Lucy…


How did you meet?

I believed love at first sight was something you only see in the movies and occasionally while shopping online.

Cliché as it sounds, this is the case for Dan and myself (and perhaps a couple of shoes along the way).

We met through a neutral friend at a Chinese buffet in Manchester. I remember thinking “he’s rather cute” and we just clicked!

However, our story isn’t very straight forward, after all Danny was in a relationship and I was a year away from moving to Bristol University.

This love story had to be placed on hold.

Many months had passed as we both went in different directions.

It wasn’t until one faithful night we went dancing with our friends into the early Manchester morning (a night at the Ritz followed by the famous chips and cheese to be precise).

We both gave each other amazing energy and we bounced off each other’s humour.

We spent a lot of time together and a relationship naturally formed.

Dan was a Games student at MMU Manchester University and I was a Fashion student at Chester.

It was time for me to continue my studies and move to Bristol.

Moving day came and I found myself sat in my studio apartment, waiting for Dan to arrive and spend the weekend with me.

The dreaded day came where reality had to kick in and Dan was to go back to Manchester.

We didn’t want to part and out of nowhere Dan suggested moving to Bristol to finish his studies.

I remember my heart pounding and shouting yes! This was the start of our adventure.

True to his word he moved to Bristol. A crazy move considering our relationship was only young, but the heart wants what it wants.

We knew it felt right and I guess our hunch paid off!

8 years later, we are both living together in Manchester. (no offence Bristol you beaut!)

Tell us about the Proposal…

Every proposal is unique; it says something about the character of the relationship.

From hidden engagement rings in your desert (may need a lick clean before wearing), or a whisper in your ear under the stars. Each couple has their own story and I will tell you mine.

Danny always knew of my fondness of New York, and as a Birthday treat we decided we would finally go together.

We planned it all, from visiting the Empire state Building, strolling through Central Park and grabbing as much pizza as our bellies can handle (food being the priority).

The moment we arrived, we jumped into a yellow cab and our story began.”

We immediately dumped our bags in the hotel and took to the New York streets.

It felt like home away from home and I’m glad Danny got the chance to see why I am so fascinated with the city!

People ask me if I knew Dan was going to propose, my reply – after being with someone for 7 years you get to know them inside out, and the fact he carried his rucksack everywhere and he NEVER carries a bag… (I should have been a private detective).

It was July 5th, the weather was insanely hot and we decided to visit Central Park.

We chose a spot near the lake and sat on the grass. A few minutes had passed and Dan started to rummage in his backpack.

My heart started to race, this is it, he’s going to ask me, that or he’s getting a drink..

Thankfully he pulled out a large black box, not a ring sized box, it was sealed with bow.

After handing it to me I began to open, once I lifted the lid I revealed a Polly Pocket. (Remember these? Ahh they were my favourite toys during my childhood).

I opened the Polly Pocket, the theme inside was a church aisle with a Bride, a Groom, a Bridesmaid and a written note. The note read “Will you marry me?

I looked at Dan, giggled and whispered yes. After all we were in the middle of Central Park!

He then reached back into his backpack and revealed my engagement ring. (told you the backpack was a given).

It was beautiful, a stunning vintage, Art Deco inspired design.

Tell us about your Wedding look and theme/colour palette….

We got married at Victoria Warehouse in August 2017.

Its a Manchester venue known for their music events but they have recently built a venue/ hotel next door for weddings and other occasions.

When we saw the venue we both knew this was exactly what we were after.

The look was perfect, brick walls, high wooden beams, dim lighting, this is exactly how I pictured our bold and non traditional big day!

I guess the theme was just us as a couple as it was quite random! Dinosaurs.. new york and rustic details.. gold and lilac were the key colours as they suited the rustic brick interior.

Best Bit of the Day…

Dan says The best of the day was our first dance.

For me it was seeing Dan and Wilson all suited up waiting at the end of the aisle (and also the amazing chocolate Oreo cake.. I miss that cake!)

Advice to future couples…

Sounds silly but remember to compromise and stay weird.

We each have our own quirks and this is what we love about each other.

Never stay too serious and make sure to have lots of laughter!


Wedding Vendors

Photography: Luke Holroyd Photography

Venue: Victoria Warehouse

Bouquet: Northern Flower

Make Up & Hair: Stephanie Swain Hair and Make Up

Yellow Taxi: Specialist Taxi Cabs – Ray Tomkinson

Bridal Accessories: Tilly Thomas Lux

NY Cake: Sweet Olivia

Second Shooter: Megan Yearby


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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