An intimate Austin Wedding with bohemian influences and peach tone details at Springdale Station

Today I am thrilled to share an intimate Austin Wedding with bohemian influences and peach tone details at Springdale Station.

Images were captured by Nikk Nguyen Photo.

Nikk Nguyen Photo is a Portrait & Wedding photographer based out of Austin, TX

He uses a thoughtful and photojournalistic style to capture a couple’s big day with with an artistic, memorable, and contemporary flair.


He says about about the couples intimate Austin Wedding…


Rebecca and Claudia’s boho Springdale Station wedding in Austin, Texas was absolutely perfect!

It was so obvious that the couple were completely in love and enjoying their day, and those feelings were infectious to everyone who was there.

The couple designed an intimate wedding filled with personal touches that let their guests into the world the brides had created together in their relationship.

Rupi Kaur’s poetry, joyful music, and warm-toned flowers made the ceremony especially meaningful.

I loved when the couple first turned to see each other at the altar and how they whispered little things to each other throughout the ceremony.

After they said “I do,” the brides were mobbed by all their best friends, who jokingly chastised the couple because they all cried. Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces was so fun to watch!

After the ceremony, the brides and their guests spent the whole night celebrating. Many guests never left the dance floor!

This Springdale Station wedding became even more unforgettable when the couple busted out their super cool, retro suits at the reception!


The couple say of their day…


Tell us about your wedding…

Honestly, it was a perfect day. We felt peaceful, happy, and most importantly present.

We wanted to have an experience where the people we love the most could get a glance at the world we’ve created for each other.

The ceremony was filled with both meaning and tradition: Rupi Kumar’s words really resonated with us, as much as the more transitional texts. The music made us smile, as did all the white, yellow, and orange flowers. Things felt green, and whole.

It was a FUN wedding, where our friends never left the dance floor! And even though we expected (but it’s by no means a guarantee), the brides had the most fun at their wedding.

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

There were all these moments – turning to see each other at the altar, whispering little things during the ceremony to each other, walking out to Real Love, getting mobbed by our friends and then chastised caused they all cried!

And to top it off, dancing was unforgettable – even more so when we busted out in our suits!

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

Wedding planning is hard. It is NOT a joyful time – it tests a relationship in the ways only a year long project can.

We felt like we were doing everything wrong, until we finally spoke up to our other engaged friends and realized they were having a hard time too.

So all I would say is that it’s ok for it to be difficult. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by the choices, your families, even your partner.

But once you’ve accounted for as many possibilities as you can, you have to let it go. We stopped worrying the Wednesday before – just quit all decision making.

And it allowed us to feel calm, and present in just experiencing our special weekend.


Wedding Vendors

Venue: South Congress Hotel & Springdale Station

Photographer: Nikk Nguyen Photo

Event Planner: I DO Weddings & Events

Dress Designer: Victoria Lopez Castro

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: LUSTREBella

Caterers: Austin Catering & Torchy’s Tacos


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