An intimate Missouri Wedding with a pretty monochrome palette

Today I am thrilled to share this intimate Missouri Wedding with a pretty monochrome palette.

Images were captured by Casey of KC Photography.

Casey has been a full time photographer for over 6 years, and is based in Farmington, Missouri.

She specialises in Weddings and Engagements and as well as capturing big days in Missouri she has travelled to Florida, Michigan, California, Mississippi, Memphis and as far as Israel.


She says of the couples day…


I could say so much about my experience with Steve and Lu.

From the first time I met them both at the new Farmington library, I knew they were exceptional.

I learned over the next couple of months they were BEYOND exceptional on so many levels!

Lu affectionately always referred to herself as my “senior bride.” She didn’t feel she would stack up to all the amazing brides I am blessed to photograph.

Well, she was and IS so wrong. Age doesn’t mean much when it comes to being a top tier bride—ATTITUDE does!

They were great listeners and allowed me to direct them as much as possible in order to create a great day for us all..

They wanted their intimate wedding to flow and go easy, but remain exciting and natural.

They were sure to ask many questions and were open to all the advice I could offer.

The biggest piece of advice I had to offer was this: RELAX and write a thoughtful timeline.


We knew it was going to be HOT (like all June weddings here in Missouri) and they wanted to be very mindful of their OTHER “senior” guests.

They constantly are thinking of others. It’s so beautiful, and I loved spending time with their entire family and seeing their love be celebrated with so many close friends.

Lu and Steve each had very special guests …. Lu’s 97 year old father and Steve’s old muscle car.

I love old classic cars, and Steves¬† soared right to the top spot in my heart with the hot car and Lu’s 97 year old father was the “toast” of the town (and you really should have heard the toast he gave at the reception. Literal tears of laughter from so many!).

They were CLEARLY one of the best looking couples from that summer and I’m super happy to report that I’ve found friends for life when I found them!


Photography – KC Photography

Reception & Catering – Crown Pointe Golf Course

Cake – Ken Viera – Executive Chef at the country club & Spokes Bar & Grill

Beauty / Hair – Chuck Carron from Salon de Charles


To Contact KC Photography

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    Another wonderful post from you. Where you are getting these images to post? These are wonderful wedding pictures and I hope at my married life, we can reach that milestone. Thank you for sharing another inspiring article. Cheers!

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