An intimate same sex Celebration of Love on the Sunshine Coast

Today I am excited to share this beautiful and intimate same sex Celebration of Love on the Sunshine Coast.

Megan and Ashleigh were married in a civil union on the 24th September 2017.

Images were captured by Leoni Bolt Photography.

Leoni Bolt Photography is a Brisbane based company specialising in contemporary Wedding Photography & Portraiture.


She says of the couple..


The couple had been waiting for the laws to change for 6 years of being in love.

Even before they met they imagined a world where they were equal. In the end they realised that they deserved that recognition regardless.

They decided they could not wait to see if Australia would change the laws as Ash’s Pop was very ill and they really wanted him to be a part of their day.

Having their very supportive family there was very important to them.

Ash’s pop was so elated to be there and very accepting of Megan.

He was just happy to see his granddaughter so happy, and it was beautiful to see a gentleman of his age so accepting of gay marriage.

The ceremony was held at The Chapel of Angels in Maleny by celebrant Philippa Holness..

It was an extremely heartfelt ceremony with excerpts read from some of their favourite childhood books such as The Owl and the Pussycat.

Following the ceremony the intimate wedding party then went and shared lunch in a local vineyard – Flame Hill Montville, before heading into Mooloolaba for tapas by the water in the afternoon and into the evening.

The couple plan on renewing their vows with an official wedding now that the laws have been passed.


November 15th – Australia says YES to Marriage Equality 

Ash says of the ruling…. I didn’t realise until now how much anxiety & pain the past couple of months of the equality debate & “No” campaign’s negativity had caused – but now the Australian community has come together to embrace us & show us that we matter, our rights & our love matters.

Today we see that love truly does conquer all, and we couldn’t be happier!

Parliament has made the historic decision today, to allow the LGBTI community to be equal in marital rights, as our heterosexual friends & allies are!

As a good friend of ours, Kaylene, recently said: One day we’ll look back and be proud to say that we were part of achieving equal marriage and legal rights in our lifetime.

Here’s to a better future for all Australians, and especially to my wonderful friends who deserve this!


Thank you so much to Leoni for sharing this stunning intimate wedding.

What joyous precious moments celebrated and shared with the love of their family and friends filling the room.


Wedding Vendors

Photographer – Leoni Bolt Photography

Chapel – Chapel of Angels Maleny

Celebrant – Philippa Holness

Lunch – Flame Hill Montville

Dress – Chi Chi London

Cake – Pastry Chef Jade who operates as Cake Kiosk through Pearl Cafe Wooloongabba (Cake flavours – Berry butter cake, with passion fruit lemon curd filling & butter cream icing)

Flowers – Our friend Dee Harris owner of Homeslice Kitchen. (Florals were a mix of Australian Eucalyptus, gum nuts and African Proteas).


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