“Animal Magic” – A Marwell Zoo Wedding

Bit of animal Magic on the Blog today with the incredible Marwell Zoo Wedding of Rachel and Andrew with star appearances by some fabulous Giraffes!

Images were captured by Hannah McClune Photography.


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Marwell Wildlife, formerly known as Marwell Zoological Park, is a 140-acre zoo and registered charity situated at Owslebury near Winchester, Hampshire.

It is home to over 1,200 animals of 235 different species.

Beyond the park itself, the charity works for international conservation, with a particular focus in Africa in addition to work from its base in Hampshire.


Hannah McClune is a wedding photographer covering Berkshire and the surrounding counties.


She says “I just love weddings and being able to document couple’s celebrations is such a joy.”

“My enthusiasm and experience results in modern relaxed images of people having fun with those they love.”

“It certainly was a unique day with giraffe feeding a memorable part of Rachel and Andrew’s wedding experience at Marwell Zoo.”

“The couple from Reading followed their love of animals down to Winchester where they married in church and held their reception at the zoo.”

“Their engagement session was shared on Plans and Presents blog on their wedding day – can you spot Rachel having a read below ?”


I pass over to gorgeous Bride Rachel…


How did you meet?

“We met at a bar, I butted into his conversation with someone else – football vs. rugby.”

“Unfortunately it was closing time, and I ran off.”

“Three months later, he came up to me in the same bar, and asked if my name was Rachel.”

“Our first date at 1am the next Friday Night [after I had finished my work] and we haven’t stopped seeing each other since!”


Tell us about the Proposal

“We were driving up to Andrews parents place for the weekend, and he routed in a detour on the SatNav – that I blindly followed.”

“We ended up in Leamington Spa, Mallory Court.”

“He had chocolates, flowers and a teddy bear [teeny one] waiting in our room.”

“We got changed, and had a walk around the grounds, when we got back to the room, he proposed!”

“This was the 12th July 2013 and we celebrated with champagne and petit fours!”


Tell us about your Wedding Planning Journey

“We knew we wanted to do it fairly quickly, so we started with the Reception Venue.”

“We had seen Marwell Zoo did wedding packages before we were engaged, and we joked about it.. but it seemed like the only choice once we really were engaged.”

“They helped us choose our date, which was a month with barely any family/friend birthdays in it.”

“We didn’t want to overshadow someones Birthday because of our Wedding!!”

“May worked out really well for us, very few birthdays in it, and just under the Year mark from engagement.”

“The Church came next for us, and we wanted somewhere as close as possible to the Reception.”

“This proved harder than we hoped, but we finally found Debbie, at The United Reform Church.”

“Everything spiraled from that, my dress, the cake, the bridesmaids dresses, all our shoes, belts, bracelets, etc etc… the list was endless, I cant believe all of the little things that piled up!”

“The Groomsmen were the easiest. they live all around the country, so we decided to go to Moss.”

“Andrew went in, found what he wanted, spoke to the people there, got measured up, and ordered 6 suits!”

“Six weeks before the wedding, all the men had to go get fitted – but they did this in their nearest Moss branch.”

” There were a few little hiccups, but everything turned out amazingly… and a tonne simpler than the Ladies!!”


What was the Best bit of your Wedding Day?

“Walking into the church and seeing Andrews big smile was one of the most special moments of the day!”


What Advice would you give to other Couples getting married? 

“This is advice that I was given, and it was so relevant, I want to make it worldwide knowledge!!”

“Invite people you can imagine being in contact in 10 years time.”

“Most importantly, in your Wedding Party.. there is nothing worse than looking back at your wedding photos, and going “I haven’t spoken to her since that day..”

“Forget the old saying of “if you’ve been invited to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours” .. I had a few people think like this but its your decision!”


Rachel + Andrew 240514-2

Rachel + Andrew 240514-5

Rachel + Andrew 240514-10

Rachel + Andrew 240514-14

Rachel + Andrew 240514-15

Rachel + Andrew 240514-21

Rachel + Andrew 240514-26
Rachel + Andrew 240514-29

Rachel + Andrew 240514-32

Rachel + Andrew 240514-36

Rachel + Andrew 240514-41

Rachel + Andrew 240514-51

Rachel + Andrew 240514-52

Rachel + Andrew 240514-56

Rachel + Andrew 240514-101

Rachel + Andrew 240514-110

Rachel + Andrew 240514-112

Rachel + Andrew 240514-114

Rachel + Andrew 240514-129

Rachel + Andrew 240514-140

Rachel + Andrew 240514-144

Rachel + Andrew 240514-153

Rachel + Andrew 240514-159

Rachel + Andrew 240514-161

Rachel + Andrew 240514-163

Rachel + Andrew 240514-167

Rachel + Andrew 240514-170

Rachel + Andrew 240514-173

Rachel + Andrew 240514-183

Rachel + Andrew 240514-186

Rachel + Andrew 240514-199

Rachel + Andrew 240514-200

Rachel + Andrew 240514-210

Rachel + Andrew 240514-216

Rachel + Andrew 240514-220

Rachel + Andrew 240514-225

Rachel + Andrew 240514-227

Rachel + Andrew 240514-228

Rachel + Andrew 240514-230

Rachel + Andrew 240514-250

Rachel + Andrew 240514-251

Rachel + Andrew 240514-256

Rachel + Andrew 240514-264

Rachel + Andrew 240514-267

Rachel + Andrew 240514-269

Rachel + Andrew 240514-272

Rachel + Andrew 240514-284

Rachel + Andrew 240514-288

Rachel + Andrew 240514-290

Rachel + Andrew 240514-292

Rachel + Andrew 240514-294

Rachel + Andrew 240514-295

Rachel + Andrew 240514-313

Rachel + Andrew 240514-316

Rachel + Andrew 240514-317

Rachel + Andrew 240514-318

Rachel + Andrew 240514-349

Rachel + Andrew 240514-350

Rachel + Andrew 240514-353

Rachel + Andrew 240514-355

Rachel + Andrew 240514-358

Rachel + Andrew 240514-359

Rachel + Andrew 240514-361

Rachel + Andrew 240514-362

Rachel + Andrew 240514-369

Rachel + Andrew 240514-370

Rachel + Andrew 240514-372

Rachel + Andrew 240514-374

Rachel + Andrew 240514-379

Rachel + Andrew 240514-381

Rachel + Andrew 240514-382

Rachel + Andrew 240514-383

Rachel + Andrew 240514-384

Rachel + Andrew 240514-540

Rachel + Andrew 240514-385

Rachel + Andrew 240514-386

Rachel + Andrew 240514-387

Rachel + Andrew 240514-388

Rachel + Andrew 240514-390

Rachel + Andrew 240514-398

Rachel + Andrew 240514-399

Rachel + Andrew 240514-408

Rachel + Andrew 240514-416

Rachel + Andrew 240514-417

Rachel + Andrew 240514-430

Rachel + Andrew 240514-435

Rachel + Andrew 240514-438

Rachel + Andrew 240514-443

Rachel + Andrew 240514-449

Rachel + Andrew 240514-452

Rachel + Andrew 240514-453

Rachel + Andrew 240514-467

Rachel + Andrew 240514-475 Rachel + Andrew 240514-482

Rachel + Andrew 240514-495

Rachel + Andrew 240514-496

Rachel + Andrew 240514-499

Rachel + Andrew 240514-507

Rachel + Andrew 240514-508

Rachel + Andrew 240514-509

Rachel + Andrew 240514-515

Rachel + Andrew 240514-517

Rachel + Andrew 240514-520

Rachel + Andrew 240514-523

Rachel + Andrew 240514-524

Rachel + Andrew 240514-525

Rachel + Andrew 240514-527

Rachel + Andrew 240514-533

Rachel + Andrew 240514-541

Rachel + Andrew 240514-551


Thank you so much to Hannah for sharing this fabulous Marwell Zoo Wedding, and her wonderful imagery.

Its lovely to be able to follow a couples story through, and I am so thrilled that Rachel was able to see the couples Engagement shoot shared on her Wedding Morning.

What a experience to get up close and personal with the animals, something to always remember.

I love the gorgeous red theme flowing throughout the day with linens, flower and stunning Bridesmaid gowns.

Special mention has to be made of their awesome Wedding Cake that reflects their love of animals…outstanding.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Marwell Zoo, http://www.marwell.org.uk

Photography: Hannah McClune Photography, http://www.hannahmcclunephotography.com 

Bridal shop: Pretty Stitch, http://www.prettystitch.co.uk

Florist: Jo-Anne King Flowers, http://www.joanneking.com

Hair and make up: Essensuals http://www.essensuals.com

DJ: Scorpio Discos, http://www.scorpiodiscos.co.uk

Cake: Chalming Cake Co, http://www.chalmingcakeco.co.uk

Bridesmaid dresses: Queeni Bridesmaids, http://www.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk

Mens suit hire: Moss Bros, http://www.moss.co.uk


To Contact Hannah McClune Photography

Website: http://www.hannahmcclunephotography.com

Email: hello@hannahmcclunephotography.com

Blog: http://www.hannahmcclunephotography.com/blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hannahmcclunephotography

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hmcclunephoto

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