A beautiful Star Wars Theme Wedding with a Maggie Sottero Gown

Today I am excited to share a beautiful Star Wars theme Wedding with a Maggie Sottero wedding gown.

Emma and Sean got married in September 2015 at the gorgeous Hitchin Priory.

Images  were captured by Lina and Tom.


Star Wars Theme Wedding, Lina and Tom Photography, Hitchin Priory


Lina and Tom have worked together for over six years and are full time photographers, and are now a husband and wife team.

They live in a little country cottage in a Cambridgeshire village with their three adorable cats.


They say of their work…


“We don’t just take the pictures, we genuinely care about giving you gorgeous wedding photos to remind you of the best day ever for your lives and beyond.”

“This is because we don’t underestimate the importance of our role on your wedding day, this is never just a job for us and we want to get to know you so you feel like you got your friends to shoot your wedding.”

“Lina is particularly always on hand to give advice on every aspect of your wedding, not just the photography.”


Lina shares a little of the couples day…


“Emma & Sean are fans of Star Wars, but rather than go all out in a themed wedding, they planned a subtle nod to their love of the movies combined with a classic summer wedding feel.”

“A gorgeous pink and green scheme, with themed place names and favours, not to mention a gorgeous cake tumbling with Star Wars icons, and a few surprise visitors.”


I hand you over to the couple to share a little of themselves and their day…


Tell us a wee bit about yourselves?

“Hi, I’m Emma and I am 27 years old and a veterinary nurse. Sean is an engineering technician.”

“We have been together for 11 years, lived together for the past 6 years and we now own our own house and we have an adorable cockapoo called Penny.”


How did you meet as a Couple?

Emma ~” We met on the 17th of December 2004 when we were on our Christmas work dos.”

“Sean and a friend came over to our table asking us who had the best festive bling.”

“They were both wearing very large christmas tree decorations around their necks, it was pretty funny and we then really hit it off and 11 years later he still never fails to make me laugh.”


Sean ~ “I was out enjoying after party drinks with my work friends in a bar when I noticed Emma sipping drinks at a table with her respective work chums.”

“My friend and I had decorated ourselves with X-mas tree ornaments so as an ice breaker we decided to introduce ourselves with one simple question “Who has the best festive Bling!?”

“Despite declaring my friend the winner Emma pulled out a chair and asked me to sit with her.”

“Initially I suspected she felt bad for me as it was landslide victory for my friend but it turns out she liked the way I was put together!”

“We didn’t stop talking the whole night and the rest they say is history!”


When did you get engaged?

Emma ~ “We got engaged on the 2nd of September 2014 in Cornwall.”

“Sean proposed whilst we were sitting on a cliff watching the sunset with our cockapoo Penny it was very romantic.”

Sean ~ “I had decided long ago that I wanted to marry Emma but it was all about timing.”

“Once we completed on our house and finally got our long awaited puppy (cockapoo Penny) I had set off with my sister (and soon to be best man/woman) to design the perfect ring.”

“I had planned to propose when we were on holiday in Padstow, Cornwall, I hadn’t decided on exactly where but after some exploring my gut picked Treyarn Bay.”

“It was idyllic, something from a movie; we were sitting comfortable on this ornately sculptured memorial bench placed by a cliff edge admiring the sunset.”

“I was nervous as hell, and I begun saying the words I had been rehearsing in my head over and over.”

“Emma quipped with a shocked expression “what are you doing!?”! The most unforgettable moment!”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

Emma ~ “We knew we wanted to get married the following year and started looking at Venues straight away.”

“We looked at a few places but both feel in love with the Hitchin Priory for the ceremony and the reception in the marquee on there lovely big grounds.”

“We chose to get married on the 4th of September as Sean proposed to me the day before my birthday so we thought it was fitting to get married the day after my birthday a year later.”

“It also means he has no excuses for forgetting the date.”

“Sean was very involved with the planning of the wedding and he took care of the budgeting and he even created spreadsheets to keep track of all our spendings.”

“I didn’t even know weddings had themes until we went to a couple of friends weddings but we thought it would be nice to have a theme that related to us.”

After a few ideas being thrown around, and a bit of a brainstorming session we landed on a Star Wars.”

“We both love Star Wars but Sean has loved it since he was a young boy and even on his 30th birthday he had a Millennium falcon birthday cake!”

“All our friends and family know how much he loves it too, and it was fitting that the new film was also being released in the same year we planned to get married.”

“We had a family friend hand make all of our wedding invites so it was exactly what we wanted, beautiful and elegant with a subtle nod to the theme.”

“To compliment we also had a bit of a vintage feel with our colour scheme and tuxedos.”

“I think I found the wedding planning a lot more stressful than Sean and I would worry about things in the middle of the night such as something being forgotten or something disastrous happening on the day.”

“My Mum was very good at making sure I got things done on time, like ordering my dress and the bridesmaids dresses, I didn’t realise there was a 12 week turn around time after you ordered them.”

“My sisters nicknamed me Bridezilla after I got stressed out and broke down in tears in a wedding dress shop.”

“It’s a big decision picking the perfect dress and a lot of money so I was frightened I would pick the wrong one, although it is true what people say, that you just know when its the right dress.”

“After trying on lots of lovely dresses the one I chose had it all and the wow factor that I felt the others were missing.

“The Dress even made my mum cry.”

“We Met Lina and Tom at our friends wedding and they were so lovely and easy to get along with.”

“After we saw their incredible work we knew we would want them for our own wedding.”

“We spoke to them about possibly hiring a magician and telling our guests he was a Jedi, and they recommended Lee Smith.”

“After meeting him and being blown away by what he did, we decided we wanted him there for the whole day too.”

“We planned to have Star Wars references throughout the day, and with the help from family and friends, we had handmade invites, character tables names and favours, the wedding cake, and props for the evening photo booth.”

“We also thought it was a great idea to have our end ceremony song as the Star Wars theme tune played by Calthia Strings.”

“Unknown to us Seans mum (my mother-in-law Debbie) had hired two storm troopers from the UK Garrison as a surprise to come and escort us down the aisle.”

“She also hired a huge Chewbacca to surprise us during our reception drinks. It was amazing!

“Everyone found it hilarious especially Sean and I, it truly made the day!”


Sean –  “As soon as Emma said yes we were straight on the case scouting venues.”

“It’s a bit of a juggling act but so long as you have the venue and registrar tied down to your chosen date everything else falls into place.”

“Also it wasn’t apparent to us at the beginning that most modern weddings have an underlying theme which is fun way of tying in personal touches.”

“After much brainstorming we decided to go with Star Wars which we both love!”


star wars theme wedding, lina and tom photography, hitchin priory


When did you get married?

Sean ~ “We were married 1 year and 2 days after we got engaged, as I proposed the day before Emmas birthday and we got married the day after.”

“Coincidentally our wedding day fell on Force Friday which was the global unveiling of Force Awakens merchandise.”


What was the best bit of your day?

Emma ~ “Its hard to say as I loved every single second of my wedding day but the moments that stand out the most was when I was waiting out side the ceremony room and hearing the string quartet start playing our song “with or with out you by U2”.

“I thought WOW this is actually happening and getting all the excited nervous feelings!”

“Then seeing Sean at the end of the aisle looking extremely handsome and both welling up at the sight of each other.”

“The next best moment was when two storm troopers came walking down the aisle to escort us out.”

“It was an incredible surprise and again whilst we were having photos in our wedding car Chewbacca comes strolling out of the marquee to greet us, I think our faces tell it all.”

“The speeches were another huge highlight as they were so emotional and hilarious.”

“Finally our wedding dance that we had done lessons for and told no one about was exhilarating.”


Sean ~ There are so many!”

“Managing to pull off our first dance which we had choreographed in secret months in advance, the speeches which were tied together hilariously by my MC brother in law, a fully costumed 8ft tall chewie greeting our guests to the stormtroopers that escorted us from out of the ceremony room while a string quartet played the star wars theme tune.”

“However the most outstanding moment had to be Emma walking up the aisle to me.”

“The string quartet had just finished playing foo fighters “everlong” and as soon as they kicked into U2 “With or without you.”

“I knew she had entered the room; she looked more beautiful than I could ever of imagined.”

“She genuinely took my breath away and that moment will stay with me forever.”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

Emma ~ “You can never try on too many dresses!”

“Try not to worry on the day, relax and enjoy it, you don’t have control anymore and it will go by so quickly so make the most of every moment.”

“Also getting a decent photographer is very important as they are capturing your memories of the day and you want them to be perfect.”

“And finally remember it is both of your wedding day and its important that you both plan it together, I think it helps you both appreciate it and enjoy it that little bit more.”


Sean – “First of all don’t stress, this only happens once so just embrace every second of it because it goes by so quickly!”

“Second of all, like any successful relationship its a democracy not a dictatorship.”

“A wedding day belongs to both of you so work together on every aspect and make joint decisions; I have heard of weddings changing women in to bridezillas but luckily for me Emma was Emma.”

“Thirdly you need to be organised if you want pull off a wedding especially within a year so don’t shy away from nerdy spreadsheets!”

“And finally whatever advice your friends and family dish out on how you should be doing your special day – smile and agree…then go right ahead and do it your way.”

“You want your guests to have the best time possible and you hope to succeed in doing so but DO NOT do something you really feel strongly against just to please one person.”





















































































Emma and Sean - 0603 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0637 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0644 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0645  - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0660  - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0683  - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0685 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0704 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0724 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0738 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0762 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0767 - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom

Emma and Sean - 0769  - Star Wars Wedding by LinaandTom















Thank you so much to Lin and Tom, and Emma and Sean for sharing this incredible Star Wars Them Wedding Day.

From tiny touches like stormtrooper cufflinks, character cookie favours and intricate cake detail to the awesome characters it is packed with inspiration from beginning to the end.

With soft vintage colours to compliment the couple have created a day that is both personal to them but also  both elegant and fun.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Hitchin Priory

Photography: Lina and Tom

Dress: Maggie Sottero dress ~ Nadia

Dress and Veil retailer: Morgan and Davies bridal ~ Hitchin

Bridesmaids Dresses: White wardrobe ~ Hitchin ~ Nicola Was lovely and very helpful.

Wedding Shoes:  Debenhams

Jewellery: late Nan’s earrings & Necklace was from Debenhams

Tiara: Karen Forte ~ Royston

Hair: Emma Kim Hairdressing

Make up:  Sarah Catherall

Mother of the Bride outfit inc. shop: Jacques Vert Debenhams

Groomsmens outfits: Moss Bros

Flowers: Lin Flowers ~ Stevenage ~ 01438 317135

Cake: Hattie Boreham (friend)

Cars: White dove cars ~ Hatfield

Table plan and invites ~ Bernadette Riordan (Family Friend)

Favours: Favours and wedding decor ~ Cards and Crumbs

Catering ~ In house ~ Hitchin Priory

Magic: Lee Smith

Star Wars Characters (Chewbacca & Stormtroopers) ~ UK Garrison

Band: Calathea String Quartet  ~ beautifully talented.

DJ: In-House DJ from Hitchin priory.

First dance song: Jess Glynne Real Love, Walk down the aisle to U2 with or with out you, walking out song was star wars played by Calathea Strings

Dance Lessons & choreography – Trudina Youngs and Claire Moll  and Sue Seymour at Mirrors Dance.

We love Sue, all of them were so lovely and bubbly truly enjoyed our lessons.


To Contact Lina and Tom

Website: http://www.linaandtom.com

Email: lina@linaandtom.com

Blog: http://www.linaandtom.com/blog-page/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linaandtom

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