Bridge of Love – Orocco Pier Wedding – Images by Stuart Craig

Today I am thrilled about sharing this amazing Scottish Wedding captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig at the fabulous Orocco Pier near Edinburgh.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

Stuart shares a little of the gorgeous Big Day of Rachel and Douglas.

“Rachel and her bridesmaids were bunkered down in a flat within walking distance of Orocco Pier, entertaining themselves with girly banter as the hair and make-up got underway.”

 “A cold, crisp autumn day beckoned outside, prompting me to ask for help to remove a surprisingly thick layer of condensation from my lens.”
“A hair dryer was soon deployed before I got busy snapping, watching on with interest as time whizzed by. It allowed for a brisk walk to greet the boys at Orocco Pier, before returning to the flat in time to catch the dress being fitted.”
“Dad sat in the living room as the girls got dressed, looking over his speech notes and no doubt wondering what was taking so long. The lacing seemed like a full scale operation in the bedroom, with mum and a bridesmaid taking on the task with determination.”
“The girls then appeared like magic, ready for business and the inevitable public showing.”
“Rachel’s dad looked on with pride as he finally clapped eyes on his daughter who, like the weather, looked utterly beautiful. It was time for a scenic walk to get married.”

The humanist ceremony got underway with an introduction from the talented Duncan Robertson (Fuze Ceremonies) before some readings set the scene.”

“An amusing story about how the happy couple met soon had everyone grinning from ear to ear. Rachel and Douglas turned to face each other to say their vows, a hint of emotion being clearly audible in their voices.”

“They were pronounced husband and wife to a huge round of applause and kissed to seal the deal. The engaging gaze that followed said it all.”


 “With the sun blazing down, we decided to make hay and began with some group shots outdoors. The bridesmaids offered to tag along to the pier where the newly weds would spend some time alone with the camera.”

“I had used the pier as a backdrop many times before, but would struggle to recall such stunningly bright conditions falling upon the Forth Rail Bridge. Rachel and Douglas warmed up with some deliberate slow motion walking (they took it a bit literally!) which amused us and helped break the ice.”


“The bridge came into focus as Rachel and Douglas posed for their portraits, unusually preferring to embrace facing the same way instead of towards each other.”

“The bridesmaids had obviously got bored and had taken a seat in almost perfect symmetry, so it seemed the right time to invite them into a few photographs. They looked on as more kissing threatened to cause a scene.”

“There was just enough time for a couple of group shots outdoors with their friends, before I would head downstairs to capture the eye candy laid out for the wedding breakfast.”

” A spectacular Ford Thunderbird suddenly rolled down the cobbled street (you couldn’t miss it!) and threatened to spoil our carefully crafted shot.”

“Predictably, he stopped dead right in front of us all and stole my thunder. It certainly had everyone grinning at the sight, and I have to admit the camera loved the unexpected splash of colour.”

“The tables were named with Munro’s that Rachel and Douglas had conquered, and decorated with name plates which included a picture of each and every guest. Quite a feat!”

“The miniature pegs which attached each one were soon being fully utilised as the drinks flowed, with some pictures ending up on ties and handbags.”

“A photo album sat in the corner for guests to sign whilst I invited the happy couple outside onto the balcony for an impromptu siloutte. The sun was setting as the speeches got underway.”


 “Callanish announced the happy couple onto the dance floor for their first dance together. We had learned during the speeches that Douglas considers himself a bit of a dancer, which always seems a dangerous expectation to set.”

“But within the first few notes of Everlasting Love (Love Affair) it immediately became apparent that no-one was going to be disappointed. The moves spoke for themselves.”

“It seemed only fit and proper for the last photo to be in front on the bridge, with their favourite move frozen in time.


Thanks to Stuart for sharing such fantastic images. What a view from the Venue, the Forth Road Bridge is such a memorable and Iconic backdrop and like Love will stand the tests of time.


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