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Today I have great pleasure in sharing the wonderful Wedding of Kirsteen and Rupert captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

This morning I featured the beautiful Autumnal E – Shoot of Kirsteen and Rupert and now want to follow through with their lovely Wedding.

Stuart fills us in on the details,

“I had met up with Kirsteen and Rupert a few weeks ago, and on that occasion they had joined me for a pre-wedding shoot in the private gardens opposite the Royal
Scots Club
. With a late ceremony time, and the lack of daylight in winter, we had a strict plan of action for the big day which left little time to spare.”

“By the time I had seen their church, the lack of light was becoming a theme, so myself and Agent Claire were anticipating a battle. I arrived at Kirsteen’s flat
on the morning of the big day and looked up at the sky. Was praying for no rain.”

“The flat seemed to be jumping and had all the familiar sights and sounds of a bridal party getting ready.”

“Dodging hairspray at the bay window, I snatched little moments as folk bustled around me. Their little baby boy was the centre of attention throughout, providing an amusing distraction from the adult only make-up games.”

“The boys were already at the church of St Andrew’s and St George’s by the time I got there, and were welcoming guests with a smile. Rupert and his best man (who
had a great tie!) joined me outside for a few shots before they disappeared off with the minister for a briefing.”

“I hung around to catch the remaining guests before spotting a big black range rover out the corner of my eye.

It purred down the street, revealing a grinning Kirsteen who quickly bounded out of the back seat.”

“A glamorous show was about to begin.”

“Kirsteen was escorted halfway down the aisle towards her father. He was aided to his feet and grabbed the reigns, walking his daughter down the aisle with determination.”

“When they got there, the whole congregation burst out laughing. There was no sign of the groom, minister or best man. Just an empty stage.
Everyone looked around searching for an explanation, before they suddenly appeared from a back room, looking slightly red faced as they casually walked
into position. It was a lovely John Cleese moment to signal the start of proceedings.”

“It was all smiles as the bridal party posed for the record the signing of the Register.”

“Kirsteen and Rupert walked back down the aisle and straight out onto the street, where the waiting cameras begged them for a kiss.”

“The guests made their way to the nearby Royal Scots Club to celebrate with a few drinks. Meanwhile,  I met up with the happy couple at Queen Street gardens for some photographs alone. Kirsteen waded through the waterlogged ground, lifting her dress to avoid the patches of mud. I spotted one remaining tree which clearly still thought it was autumn, and thanked my luck at being able to recreate the colourful look of their pre-wedding shoot.”

“They seemed much more at ease this time round, performing an impressive variety of natural looking poses in quick succession.
The colourful backdrop blurred and isolated their happy ‘au naturel’ look.”

“Back at the Royal Scots Club, we gathered folk outside for some family photographs.The only challenge was persuading people to part with their champagne. It must have been good stuff!”

“We headed indoors content and ready to explore the delights of their reception room. It looked quite spectacular at dusk.”

“Kirsteen and Rupert were piped into the room to a thunderous round of applause, and sat down for their wedding breakfast. The speeches began after the break,
prompting myself and Agent Claire to split up to catch all the reactions.”

“Kirsteen’s dad kicked off at his own pace, delivering a variety of amusing tales which everyone seemed to enjoy. The main act of course came later, as the best
man proved with an original and sincere speech which was easy to listen to.”

“As evening guests arrived upstairs, I spotted a gorgeous red leather couch and invited Kirsteen and Rupert to have a seat on it. It soon became clear that Kirsteen’s powers of concentration had vanished (I blame the whisky!) leaving me to wonder if I had bitten off more than I can chew. With a growing crowd egging them on, the one second exposure
got repeated again and again, and they managed it on the eight attempt. It must have been amusingly cool to witness.”

“With the cake successfully cut, Kirsteen and Rupert took to the dance floor as everyone gathered round. I can only imagine they got a second wind, because it
was a brilliant first dance full of pace and energy. In fact, I was fighting hard to focus on them as they whizzed round, stopping only to pull off the occasional move.”

Thank you to Stuart for sharing this personal and classic Wedding. It was lovely being able to follow the couple through from their E Shoot to the beautiful simplicity of their Wedding Day.

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