Contentment and Celebration – An Intimate Winter Wedding – Images by Karen Massey Photography

A relaxed air and an attitude  of contentment and celebration surrounds the intimate Winter Wedding of Joe and Daniela, captured beautifully by Karen Massey Photography.

Earlier today I had the great pleasure in sharing the couples country walk Engagement shoot and this afternoon I am delighted to share the preparation and some portraits from their intimate Winter Wedding Celebration.


Karen Massey Photography 21


Karen says of her recollections of the couple,

“I was asked if I was free for the 21st December… now when this was asked it was only the beginning of December so naturally I thought it was for 2013 or even 2014.”

“No, came the answer it is indeed for 3 weeks time.”

“I hadn’t met Daniela the Bride to be, or indeed Joe the groom but I had met Joe’s dad, Steve who is my husbands cousin and I was of course delighted to be asked to photograph a family wedding.”

“I suggested we go for a pre-wedding shoot which happened just a day before the wedding.”

“As we all put on our wellies, gathered the dogs for a walk and went out in the rain, it soon became clear that not only was Daniela VERY well organised she was also very laid back. They were both happy to go with my ideas and had a fair few of their own.”

“On the morning of the wedding I met Daniela at the gorgeous Arden Hotel in Stratford before going to Winton House for the Wedding Service.”

“You would never have known if this wedding took 12 months or 3 weeks as everything ran like clockwork as we arrived at the Saxon Mill for their private family reception”

“Here we  captured some beautiful portraits before the Wedding Meal.”


Karen Massey Photography 2

Karen Massey Photography 3

Karen Massey Photography 5

Karen Massey Photography 7

Karen Massey Photography 8

Karen Massey Photography 9

Karen Massey Photography 10

Karen Massey Photography 11

Karen Massey Photography 12

Karen Massey Photography 13

Karen Massey Photography 14 Karen Massey Photography 18

Karen Massey Photography 19
Karen Massey Photography 20
Karen Massey Photography 21
Thank you to Karen for allowing me to share this beautiful Winter Wedding Day. I love the seasonal warm tones without an overwhelming festive approach, as well as the striking white blooms and fur accessories which are so chic, but necessary on a freezing December day.
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