“Eclectic Vintage” – A Vintage, Cricket, Cake Inspired Big Day – Part 1 – Images by Rob Booker Photography

Sometimes a Wedding is a whole festival of pretty, but in an eclectic and edgy way.

The Wedding of Zoe and Simon captured beautifully by Rob Booker Photography is just a spectacle of awesomeness and I am thrilled to share it.

The gorgeousness is so plentiful that I am splitting the Day into two parts, with the first being the Preparations, the detailing and the wonderful Ceremony.

It was my great pleasure to chat to Zoe as she shares their Love Story,

How did you meet ?

“We met in a pub in Huddersfield, when we were about 18. Simon was a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. My friend Kim noticed he was sat on his own, on a pool table, waiting for his friend Ryan to arrive.”

“She walked over & nicely said “Stop looking like such a loser & come sit with us!”  It all began with a conversation about a dog called Brian. And to this day, Simon is still listed in my phone as ‘Brian’.”

When, and how did you get engaged?

“Over time we fell in love, and we got engaged in St Ives, Cornwall in April 2010. The place is really special to Simon’s family as they have holidayed there every year since Simon was a toddler.”

“We had went for a week’s holiday, with his parents. Simon bought the ring a couple of days before we went, on a whim. He had always said he would never propose until he found the right ring.”

“So he found it, while I was in the hairdressers (sneaky!)”

“Anyway, off we went on holiday & I had noticed a change in Simon’s mood. He had gone very quiet & stand-off-ish with me. Needless to say, I was worried. So worried in fact that I thought he was breaking up with me!”

“So the first morning we were in St Ives, he suggested we go for a walk so I could see the harbour properly before it got too busy. He was behaving very suspiciously, so when he got down on one knee I cried my eyes out.”

“Here I was thinking he was breaking up with me & it was exactly the opposite. I was crying so much a dog walker stopped to see if I was ok as she thought I was hurt.”

“Once Simon explained she beamed with smiles & wished us a very happy life together and went on her way. So off we popped back to our holiday cottage to break the good news to Simon’s parents.”

Tell us about your Planning journey.

“When Simon first proposed I got overly giddy & all sorts of ideas began to run through my head. I immediately bought some bridal magazines as when else in life is it acceptable to buy wedding magazines & not look like a nutjob, right?!”

“Needless to say, once the gravity of the situation started to sink in & we realised how much this was going to cost for what we wanted, we thought the most sensible thing to do would be to start saving some money first before any decisions were made.”

“The real planning began around the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 when we started to view venues.”

“We had looked into a wedding in St Ives as the place is so special to us. But due to mobility issues of both our Grandmothers it wasn’t the best idea. So we decided to stay in Yorkshire.”

“Simon, my Mum & I viewed around 5 locations, varying from hotels to art galleries to a barn, before we were suggested Holdsworth House in Halifax by a friend.”

“As cheesy as it sounds, we loved the place the moment we walked through the door. Mum just looked at me & said “This is the place. I just know it Zoe.”

“From there, we went all around the houses with the wedding plans. From the idea of a winter wedding, with Christmas trees up. To an autumnal wedding, filled with lots of rich oranges & centrepieces featuring squashes & pumpkins. All the way through to an Alice-in-Wonderland inspired summer wedding with croquet on the lawn.”

“I did a degree in Drama at University, specialising in Set & Lighting design so my creative mind was running wild!!!”

“Once Simon & I got our heads together. We started to concentrate on the stuff that was important to us.”

“Someone had given a great piece of advice, not to stress over what others think & just concentrate on what you want for your day. So we did… This clarity enabled to us to start pinning down the ideas/themes of the day.”

“We threw the idea of a theme out of the window & every time we were asked “What’s the theme then?”, we’d answer “Erm… The theme is… it’s a Wedding!” So we just stuck to the things that we like & that reflect out personality.”

“So in came the vintage crockery (I did try to source it myself from charity shops… What a pain in the a**), & the cakes, & cricket, & Disney… And the rest is history really…”

“I tried to use small suppliers as best I could. Everything seemed to just fall into my lap, so we were really fortunate.”

“The photographer, Rob, used to go out with a friend from University, so we had met him quite a few times at various house parties etc. We knew he was amazingly talented as he had photographed us all at our end of year ball, so he was an easy choice!”

“Thanks to Rob, I discovered Linda’s Davey’s amazing dress-making skills as a former client of his had a dress made by her. As soon as I met her, I knew she would make me something awesome… And she sure did.”

“We discovered Tilly’s Cakes as Sue came into work one day to show her wares & her cakes were gorgeous looking & delicious. And that’s all that matters.”

“And I stumbled upon Eccentric & English online… And was so happy when I met Katie.”

“I really can’t give any anecdotes of crisis moments. We had a real laugh doing the planning for the big day. I was lucky to be surrounded by a loving husband-to-be, an awesomely creative older brother, a constantly supportive Mum & a wicked set of bridesmaids, as well as some very talented & helpful friends.”

“We got married on Saturday 25th February 2012.”



Thanks to Zoe and Simon for sharing their stunning Celebrations, and Rob for sharing his outstanding Photography.

I also really love Zoe’s Bridal gown from NO.9 Bridal Couture…just stunning and accessorised beautifully with a glamourous Birdcage Veil.

Part 2 coming soon….

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