Island Dreams – A beautiful Greek Destination Wedding – Images by Holly Deacon Design

Today I am thrilled to share the amazing Destination Wedding of Ricky and Jo who were married on the  October  13th 2011.

Their Wedding was held on the Greek Island of Rhodes and was captured beautifully by the fabulous Holly Deacon Design.

Holly tells us a little about herself and her Business before she recalls her memories of a week in the sunshine and a memorable day,

“I am Holly Bobbins, I am a photographer, mum, cutter and sticker, hoarder of many things useful and lots not so useful, I am an avid skip junkie, lover of buttons, string, brown paper, old books, rainbows, birds and sun through the trees. Scrabble and wine and time with my man.”

“I love taking pictures and being inspired, notebooks full of doodles and old wooden boxes, music, singer/songwriters, light, books, paper, junk shops and thai food and well….. the list goes on…..”

“I photograph weddings and people and things and places … I love my camera, my world is in pictures”

“I met this couple through a friend who was the maid of honour. Their Wedding was a lovely day, I was lucky enough to be staying for the whole week, so had loads of time to get to know everyone before the wedding, so by the time the actual  day came around it was like being at a friends wedding!!

“We had had a few days of showers but the day of the wedding was glorious sunshine. The ceremony itself was at 3, so we had a leisurely morning, and even had a swim in the pool.”

“As both the Ricky and Jo were both getting ready in room next door to each other we had much comedy trying to keep them away from each other.  It was also Jo’s son, Callem’s, 11th birthday so we had that to celebrate too.”

“Ricky had forgotton to pack his cufflnks ( he might say Jo had forgotton to pack them!!) so I had to chase around the hotel to try and find some.”

“The church was a tiny chapel on a small cove just by the town of Lindos.  Its quite a steep slope down to the chapel, and once at the bottom the wedding planner (Karen from Infinity Weddings, Lindos … she was English so no language barrier and really helpful!) handed out white umbrellas for everyone as the sun was still very hot!”

“The service was held outside of the chapel on the trational stone courtyard, and was quite short. It was read in both greek and English, as you wouldn’t want to stand out in that heat for too long.”

“After the service we went back to the neighbouring hotel to the one we were staying in, The Lindos Memories Hotel.  We had a champagne reception and then down to a covered terrace right by the sea to have a lovely meal, really fresh traditional greek food.”

“The night was finished with everyone going down to the sea and setting off sea lanterns, with candles in that floated of to the horizon .. it was very beautiful!”



Thank you to Holly for sharing such outstanding images of such a relaxed, happy day.

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    Thank you so much for featuring my wedding !! Very exciting!! ~

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