Korean Fusion – English and Korean Wedding – Images by Memories & Emotions

Today I am thrilled to share this English and Korean Wedding beautifully fusing the two cultures and stunningly shot by Jamie Penfold of Memories and Emotions.

Jamie Penfold is an award winning Photographer based in Tyne and Wear with a reputation for creating stunning, eye catching images.

He creates images that reflect the soul, emotion and magic of the day and delivers across a range of styles.

His approach puts people at ease which allows for natural looking images that have the “wow” factor, and he has affectionately become known as the Converse behind the camera in the Wedding Industry.

Jamie shares his recollections of S.J and Elizabeths Wedding,

“We doubt you would have covered a wedding like ours before.”  That’s what SJ and Elizabeth said when I first met them.  Try me!……and then when they finished telling me about their wedding plans my response was “No, I haven’t covered anything quite like that!”

“This was going to be a two part day.  Traditional Church of England wedding in Tynemouth with reception at Alnwick Garden, followed  by a Korean Wedding Service in the evening.”

“On the morning of the wedding, Elizabeth and SJ were getting ready in flats at opposite ends of the green in Tynemouth.  They could potentially see each other if they had wanted.  Elizabeth admitted that the previous night she had seen SJ wandering about in the flat he was staying.”

“In both flats it was all very light hearted, lots of jokes and silliness.  Perfect to remove those pre-wedding nerves!  Now I felt quite at home with Elizabeth’s family because they’re from Essex where my family originate from.  So I found myself slipping into the Essex twang every so often….and some were West Ham supporters too.”

“At the church the guests were arriving and were joined by the two pageboys who were kitted out in traditional Korean outfits.  They were so colourful!”

“At The Alnwick Garden, the guests mingled in the Pavillion while Elizabeth, SJ and I wandered around the Garden.  I never tire of the place and I am so fortunate to be one of the preferred photographers there.  I always find something new there!  And the other handy thing is that the paying public are always so respectful when they see the camera….they always move out the way so you can get your shot.”
“By now the blue skies had disappeared and spots of rain were starting to fall.  However, despite my worries about her getting wet, Elizabeth insisted she was fine without the umbrella.  The walled garden was stunning and a fantastic backdrop for the images.”
“The Korean Ceremony was fascinating and at times I had to remind myself that I was there to do a job.  The offering of gifts and tea to the parents and the throwing of fruit at the bride to signify how many children they’d have were all part of the ceremony….and they outfits!!!  Wow! When the ceremony finished, as per tradition, SJ gave Elizabeth a piggyback back up the aisle.”
“Following the Korean ceremony, it was back into the white gown and first dance accompanied by Elizabeth’s brother’s band.”
“With the light fading outside, The Pavilion took on a whole new lease of life.  And with the paying public now long gone from The Garden, I took the opportunity to have a wander about in the fading light.  
It is a truly haunting place and so tranquil.  We are so fortunate to have such a jewel here in the North East.”
Thanks to Jamie for sharing his gorgeous imagery and this stunning cultural extravaganza.
The fusion of english and korean is lovely, and its wonderful that they could blend tradition so colourfully and so well. 
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