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Life is about finding love, and today I want to share the beautiful union and Slovakian Wedding of Bruno and Slamka which took place on 10/09/2011 in Prievidza, Slovakia.

Yesterday I was thrilled to share their action packed story book Couples shoot , and today I am delighted to share their Big Day captured by A.B Weddings.

AB Weddings are based in Edinburgh Scotland where they have been based for the last 7 years since moving from Slovakia.

Slovakian Weddings are heavy on tradition and a wee bit different from the U.K.

Its quite common for the Groom to see the Bride before the Ceremony.

Before the nuptials the couple will usually go and get their portraits done with their Photographer, as Bruno and Slavka did with their Couples shoot

Prior to a marriage families usually meet at the house, and the Bride is officially asked for her hand in Marriage.

Bruno and Slavka’s Wedding day started off with Bridal Preparations before Bruno arrived to whisk Slamka off for more photographs together.

After the bridal preparations we had a small stop at a park for some couple shots.

Then it was on to their beautiful ceremony ( if you are wondering about the man with the parachute – he jumped from a plane to bring them wedding rings!

Slovak Wedding ceremonies are not hugely different form U.K ceremonies but following it, the wedding guests line up and give their personal congratulations and some flowers for the Bride.

Another tradition is then that a plate is broken, which the newlyweds have to sweep up. This symbolises their co-operation and working together as a couple.

The Bride has to be sure to collect all the pieces , as  missing pieces represent any children that the Groom may have outside the Marriage.

Slavka was 3 months pregnant at their wedding and they have now a beautiful and healthy son called Nikolas. They actually announced their pregnancy at the wedding breakfast, when at the end of their slideshow with pictures
from their childhood ,  a sonogram picture with their baby appeared.

It was a very emotional and moving moment (as you can imagine) to everyone at the party.

The Wedding Breakfast usually starts with Chicken Noodle soup, where the Bride and Groom have one bowl and one spoon between them, and have to take it in turns to feed each other.

This symbolises sharing their life, and looking after each other.


At any point during the Reception the guests can traditionally stand up and bang their cutlery and this will continue till the Bride and Groom stand up and kiss.


 Later in the evening the Bridal party headed to the town to celebrate at a friends band concert (around 2000 people took part).

They got on to the stage, with a bottle of  bubbly, had a blast dancing and singing…and the bride ended up throwing
her bouquet in to the audience.


 Later when back at the wedding party they had some  “fire people” entertaining their guests.


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