Love is Limitless ~ An intimate romantic Ohio Wedding

Today I am thrilled to share this lovely Ohio wedding that proves that love has no boundary or limit.

Grace and Bernie are a wonderful couple who have both been married before but who shared a longstanding friendship.

This friendship developed to more and they were blessed to have a second chance at love.

Images were captured by Pam Johnston Photography.

Ohio Wedding

Pam shares the couples’ story, and her recollections of their Ohio Wedding day…


Grace and Bernie knew each other about 50 years ago as their children would play together (Grace has eight children, Bernie has seven) in the streets of Fremont, Ohio.

As time passed and as their children grew older, they lost touch and during those years they unfortunately both lost their spouses.

Over the years they would exchange “hellos” while sitting in their favourite pews at mass each Sunday, until one day after services Bernie said, “Would you like to have coffee with me?” Grace replied, “Why, Yes, I would!”

Their coffee dates grew to enjoying breakfast together after mass and then to Bernie picking Grace up for church and breakfast.

Sharing their Sundays together soon became a weekly event. Grace and Bernie would spend hours sitting on the couch at The Old Garden House (a beautiful old home where Grace raised her children and now holds teas, wedding receptions and various gatherings) where they would talk for hours and hours.

Once day, not too long after they starting seeing each other, Bernie stopped at the door of the Old Garden House and as he was leaving, he turned to Grace and said, “What would you say if I asked you to marry me?” and once again, Grace replied “Why I believe I would say YES!”

Grace and Bernie set their wedding date just two weeks later, as they were so excited to start their life together.

One of Grace’s daughters, Beth, who was a former neighbour of mine, phoned me to ask if I would photograph the event. Just hearing their love story made my heart soar! I was so honoured to document their big day!


So, on a Friday night in March, Grace, 84, and Bernie, 91, tied the knot surrounded by their families.

On that Sunday, Grace and Bernie then hosted a reception at The Old Garden House for both families, so their children and grandchildren (and some great grandchildren, too!) could meet and become acquainted.

As I was photographing their first look at The Old Garden House before their ceremony, it was quite chilly and of course, I was concerned for their health and safety navigating the steps of the quaint white wooden porch and the winter-worn lawn.

I didn’t need to worry at all, as Grace and Bernie navigated the steps and lawn with no issues and braved the chilly air for their bride and groom images.

I consider myself a photographer of love in all its various forms; families who gather together with an age span of 85 years in between the youngest and oldest, mother’s watching their high school senior get their senior photos taken, new parents newly in love with their babies, and of course weddings, usually of younger couples just starting their lives in their 20s or early 30s.

There are no words to describe what being a part of this wedding was like; witnessing Grace and Bernie together; it was so very sweet and expanded my heart and my definition of love.

There is no such thing as “too much”, “too old”, “too late”, “too impossible”. Love is limitless!


Thanks so much to Pam for sharing this beautiful Ohio Wedding.

Finding love the second time around can be scary but coming at it older, and wiser means we have learnt some things along the way.

We are not so much caught up in the superficialness of our younger selves, and we know what we want, not settling for anything less than the real deal.

When we fall in love the first time we think its going to be forever and sometimes it is, and sometimes its not, but loss or heartbreak should not deter us from believing that true love can happen again.

I’m so honoured to share this amazing story today that proves cupid’s arrow can strike twice.


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