“Neu Mit Bliss” – Honeymoon Shoot – Gardis and Chris – Images by Nikki McLeod Photography

Today I am actually giddy about sharing this veritable feast of pictorial gorgeousness.

The lovely Nikki Mcleod recently shot outstanding images of the awesome Gardis and Chris on a Post Wedding Shoot,  and they are quite literally something to behold.

Nikki McLeod Photography is a well-established photography business, based in Fife, Scotland. She has been shooting weddings since 2000, in Scotland, the UK and abroad.

Nikki shares her recollections of the day,

“Gardis and Chris were married in their homeland Germany last month and were honeymooning in Scotland.”

“They had admired Anita’s wedding photos that I had taken last year, Anita and Gardis being childhood friends in Berlin. The next thing I knew, I was being asked how much it would cost to go to Fort William and photograph two Germans in their wedding gear, on their honeymoon!”

“We were SO lucky with the weather, it literally changed by the minute!
We started the shoot at the log cabin near Fort William which was the newlywed’s base for the week, before travelling along to Glenfinnan Monument.
We then travelled around the area and stopped every so often, when there was a fabulous background and amazing light.”

“I had to overcome some difficulties on the day; the main being the weather, but also language difficulties as the couple speak very little english! Fortunately Anita offered to be my assistant that day and was a very handy translator! I also had a fall-out with a rock in a loch I was standing in, and promptly got soaked to the waist!”

“The end of the session got VERY hot, when Chris agreed to take his top off on a beach in what was nearing freezing conditions. These were the fastest I have ever taken images, as I was getting blown about as well as freezing myself and I was fully dressed!”

“I was very honoured to take these images for this couple, as their official wedding images.”

“Their wish was to show Scotland in all it’s glory and I think we managed that.”



Thanks so much to Nikki for sharing this emotionally charged shoot. The images speak for themselves with the intense passion these newlyweds share and the page literally comes alive with the sensuousness of each picture.

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Phone: 01383 821 498


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