Priceless Moments of Love – A German Wedding in Gloucestershire

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning German Wedding  beautifully captured by Rob Grimes Photography.

Steffen & Susann are a German couple that are living over in the UK.

Steffen  is also a serving Staff Officer in the German Army and is currently stationed over in the UK. working for the HQ of the ARRC in Gloucester.


Steffen & Susann  52


Rob shares his recollections of the Couples Big Day.


“With  groom prep in full swing I was  jumping for joy capturing items linked to the couples past such as the Union Jack socks and Mexican Wrestler badge.”

“These were linked to the Vicar they met in Mexico years ago and who was here to give them away today.”

“I was clearly in my element with so many details to capture for the morning.”

“After a brief hour or so, it was time to leave and swap places with Tracey Barrow, who was to be shooting alongside me that day and was about to cover the Bridal prep.”

“SO after leaving the girls to get ready and look gorgeous, I left  to go visit the local for a quick beer with the groom and best man.”

“Afterwards I headed onto the venue , to capture the joy of their guests arriving all the way from Germany, so many of their family and friends had made the journey over to share in their special day.”

“With their guests arriving and drinks and stories being shared, it was time for me and Steffen to head on over to the Church.”

Churchdown Church was the venue for their wedding and again to be delivered in German by their friend and vicar for the day all the way from Germany.”

“The ceremony was stunning, was spoken in English (I think so i could understand) and in German, and their love for each other was clear to see.”

“Such a remarkable ceremony that could being a tear to anyones eyes.”

“Their joy at being married in front of their family was a great time for me to capture as many memories as possible for them.”

“After the ceremony, we captured the groups shots in and around the sunny backdrop of the church and then I spent some time with Steffen and his new wife, capturing the most intimate and romantic couple shots.”

“Their true love for each other was clear to see and it was a joy to behold…..”

“Then after we all headed back to the Officers Mess at Imjin Barracks that was to be the location for the reception.”

“Followng the meal and speeches there was their first dance as Husband and Wife.”

“At around 10pm that evening, it was time for me and Tracey to finish, however with the German hog roast about to start, the cameras were packed away and I managed to help celebrate the day with Stefffen and Susann into the early hours, with a beer and slice of the bbq…fantastic!”

“It truly was a stunning day, an amazing wedding and I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to capture their amazing German Wedding in the UK.”


 Steffen & Susann  1

Steffen & Susann  2

Steffen & Susann  3

Steffen & Susann  4

Steffen & Susann  5

Steffen & Susann  6

Steffen & Susann  7

Steffen & Susann  8

Steffen & Susann  9

Steffen & Susann  10

Steffen & Susann  11

Steffen & Susann  12

Steffen & Susann  13

Steffen & Susann  14

Steffen & Susann  15

Steffen & Susann  16

Steffen & Susann  17

Steffen & Susann  19

Steffen & Susann  20

Steffen & Susann  22

Steffen & Susann  23

Steffen & Susann  25

Steffen & Susann  28

Steffen & Susann  29

Steffen & Susann  30

Steffen & Susann  31

Steffen & Susann  33

Steffen & Susann  36

Steffen & Susann  37

Steffen & Susann  38

Steffen & Susann  39

Steffen & Susann  41

Steffen & Susann  45

Steffen & Susann  49

Steffen & Susann  50

Steffen & Susann  51

Steffen & Susann  54

Steffen & Susann  56

Steffen & Susann  59

Steffen & Susann  61

Steffen & Susann  62

Steffen & Susann  63

Steffen & Susann  64

Steffen & Susann  66

Steffen & Susann  67

Steffen & Susann  68

Steffen & Susann  69

Steffen & Susann  70

Steffen & Susann  71

Steffen & Susann  72

Steffen & Susann  73


Thanks so much to Rob for letting me share this incredible German Wedding Day.

So family centred and especially so as so many family and friends had travelled to be there.

These were most definetely Priceless moments of love  or “Unbezahlbare Momente der Liebe” between  a gorgeous couple.


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Second Shooting by Tracy Barrow Photography


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    Forever grateful for the feature on your blog, sometimes words are never enough and only pictures can do a wedding such justice, so thank you for showing so many people my favourite wedding of 2013.

    Rob x

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      And thank you so much to you for allowing me to share your incredible work x

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