Purple smile – Real Wedding Feature – Images by Jill Cherry Porter Photography

Today I am delighted to share the work of Jill Cherry Porter and the fabulous Scottish Wedding of Laura and Mark.

Jill is based in Edinburgh and has been working full time on Wedding Photography since Summer 2011, following shooting part time for the 6 years prior.

Jill shares a little about herself and her Business before sharing about the Couple and their lovely Wedding Day.

“I am a freelance wedding and portrait photographer based in Edinburgh but covering all of the UK.  I first fell in love with photography when I was very young and have been working with SLR cameras from the age of 14.”

“I started quite organically when asked to work for a friend doing her wedding photography when I was 21.  I completed the job on my own and although it was a nerve-wracking task it was a challenge I was happy to take on and the results were very positive.”

“Through word-of-mouth the business grew till I was regularly taking on projects whilst studying.  I specialise in reportage, natural photography and believe that excellent photographs need no staging – just great light and real people.  I strive to provide a service that is comfortable, approachable, friendly and professional and aim to give people the types of photographs that they can look back on for years to come and know that it was a real moment in their lives, full emotion and memories captured through my lens.”

“I am currently expanding the business to incorporate all of these elements, by providing a bespoke service to couples offering them the chance to build the excitement of their day and the run up to it through unique Save The Date options, including but not limited to: speciality cards, viral videos, uniquely designed flash websites and everything media related which has the aim to ensure that all guests attending on their big day know exactly whom they are coming along for and know enough about the couple as people to celebrate with them in exactly the manner in which the couple intend.”

When did you meet the Couple? 

“I met Laura and Mark 3 years ago through a colleague and we hit it off immediately.  Mark proposed to Laura shortly after that and I spent time with them over the course of the year’s build up to their big day, following their asking me to do the photography for them.  They still keep in close contact with me today.”

Tell us about the Couple, and their Love story

“Laura is a primary school teacher who is currently in her first year of teaching in Edinburgh, she loves her job and is fantastic with kids and adults alike.  Laura is full of energy and not to be missed.  She has a fantastic sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously.   She is originally a Fife lass and is proud of her roots.”

“Mark is a Lancashire lad, but has grown up most of his years in Scotland.  He is a very kind person and has time for everyone.  He would do anything for Laura.  In his earlier years he was a semi-professional footballer and played for many big name teams, including both Edinburgh’s Hearts and Hibs teams.  He sadly had to give it up in the end due to injury.  He is exceptionally close, as is Laura, to his family.”

“Laura and Mark met and initially went travelling across Australia together as friends, they came home as boyfriend and girlfriend and, to this day, will testify to the fact that travelling together was the best thing they could ever have done.”

“Laura and Mark married on the 16th of July 2011 and their day was a wonderful one, full of emotion and many a tear – for all the right reasons.”

“They married in a breathtakingly beautiful church in the grounds of The Crichton in Dumfries, where they stayed in the hotel and held their reception.”

“They were surrounded by friends and family of all generations and everyone spent the entire day smiling for them.  The only down side to the day was the fact that it rained, thundery downpours at regular intervals, however we managed some beautiful results as the church itself was stunning and perfect as a backdrop.”

“The merriment went on till the early hours and a great day and night was had by all.”





Thanks so much to Jill for sharing her wonderful fun images, I simply adore all the little purple and tartan touches

There is such happiness and unabounding smiles filling each frame, and you can just feel the love and utter contentment.

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