“Reaching Loves Peak” – A Peak District Wedding at the Three Horseshoes

Today I am thrilled to share a beautiful Peak District Wedding  with a mountaineering couple and lots of personal touches.

Images of the day were captured by Cris Lowis Photography.


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Cris Lowis is a professional wedding photographer based in Stafford but cover all throughout the UK and destination weddings.

He likes to tell a story of the wedding using a documentary photojournalistic style but also set aside a little bit of time to create those wow shots


Cris says of the couple and their Big Day…


“The couple booked me about 8 or 9 months before the wedding.”

“We got on like a house on fire at the initial meeting and again on the engagement shoot. I should imagine we’ll be staying in touch with one another for some time to come.”

“On their Wedding Day a fantastic day from the word go. Charl and Phill were a joy to work with and clearly up for getting some great pictures.”

“The venue is located on the edge of the Peak District so during the break we nipped up to The Roaches for a shoot.”

“Charlotte was an absolute legend, we were literally up a mountain, on the edge of a cliff and climbing rock faces in with her wedding dress.”

“Fortunately Phills best man is a mountaineering instructor so was on hand to assist and guide us safely.”


I now hand over to beautiful Bride Charlotte…


How did you meet?

“We met age 14 in 2003 and were high school sweethearts, but eventuallly got engaged on 23rd November 2011.”


Tell us about your wedding planning journey

“We decided on a small intimate ‘do’ for the daytime and a big party for our evening reception.”

“Our main aim was to keep things simple and personal to us as a couple.”

“We planned on our wedding being a celebration that we could share with all of our friends and family.”

“With the help of our friends and family we arranged and designed most of the day ourselves.”

“But for the professional services we needed to help add the finishing touches to the day, It was important to find people that we felt would help to reflect our personalities and keep everything personal to us.”


When did you get married?

“We got married on Saturday 6th September 2014 at The Three Horseshoes Inn, Blackshaw Moor, Leek.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“Our best bit of our big day was the beginning, the middle and the end!”

“It was all ‘THE BEST BIT’!!”

“One of our favourite highlights of the day by far was our spontaneous photo shoot in the Peak District (the stunning backdrop to our wedding venue)”

“It was an experience to remember, rock climbing in a wedding dress and suit are definitely great memories!”

“Our photographer Cris, went to all lengths to get the best shots (slightly different to the traditional wedding snaps).”

“To spend the day with our closest friends and family, celebrating our next chapter in life will be something we remember forever!”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“The best advice we could give to other couples who are getting married is to keep things simple!”

“Remember what your day is about and RELAX! It goes far too quickly!”


Cris lowis photogrpahy_1456

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1458

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1459

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1461

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1463

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1464

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1467

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1468

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1469

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1470

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1471

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1472

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1473

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1474

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1476

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1477

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1478

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1479

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1480

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1481

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1482

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1483

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1484

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1487

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1488

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1489

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1490

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1491

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1492

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1493

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1494

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1496

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1497

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1498

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1499

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1501

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1502

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1503

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1504

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1505

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1506

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1507

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1508

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1509

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1510

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1511

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1512

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1513

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1514

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1515

Cris lowis photogrpahy_1517


Thank you to Cris for sharing this lovely Peak District Wedding.

I love the delicate peach and cream colour scheme that flows through the day with hessian and lace being a feature adding and earthy tone.

Homemade touches such as a photo wall and the DIY wish tree are simple yet very effective decoration.

Love how the Bride and Groom are up for being brave and venturing up a mountainside which utilises the areas natural splendour and makes for incredible imagery.


Wedding Suppliers

Venue – The Three Horseshoes Inn, Blackshaw Moor, Leek, Staffordshire

Photographer- Cris Lowis Photography, Stafford

Venue dressing – Collette –  Fabulous Weddings, Leek, Staffordshire

Cake – Mandy’s Cakes, Tean, Staffordshire

Dress – Bridal Couture By Josephine, Cheadle, Staffordshire

Suits – Chaplins, Leek, Staffordshire


To Contact Cris Lowis Photography

Website: http://www.lowisphotography.co.uk

Email: info@lowisphotography.co.uk

Phone: 07870269856

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/crislowisphotography

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/crislowis


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