Love isn’t a Number – Elegant Scottish Wedding – Images by Stuart Craig Photo

Today I am thrilled about sharing this wonderful Scottish Wedding shot at one of the Scottish capital’s best hotels.

June and Cliff’s wonderful day was recently captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig  at The Balmoral in Edinburgh, and it proves quite simply that marriage doesn’t have an age bracket and Love isn’t a number.

Stuart is based in Edinburgh but covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

I pass over to Stuart to share his recollections of the day,

mature bride and groom

“I met June and her bridesmaid at reception and followed up to room 252 where their preparations were about to take place.”

“The rings, dress and shoes were duly unpacked as the make up got underway, a gentle pace setting the tone for the morning.”

“The boys were doing similar on another floor. Bizarrely, they were playing the exact same song from their iPad as the girls who had utilised the hotels TV system. A spooky co-incedence hung in the air as the final touches were applied.”

“A piper stood in the breeze outside, welcoming guests to the iconic landmark that is the Balmoral.”

“The heat quickly built in the ceremony room as everyone took their seats, occasionally glancing round to see if June was about to make her entrance. The registrar was conducting a pre-ceremony chat as it happens, so Cliff was left to entertain everyone with a few witty remarks.”

“June and the bridal party eventually appeared and walked down the aisle in perfect formation. The glance towards each other locked on like a missile.”

“The ceremony got underway with some readings, the first read from the iPad which looked quite cool for school.”

“The happy couple then said their vows carefully before inviting the child ring bearer forward to offer the rings. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show I thought as they kissed to a huge round of applause.”

“The register was duly signed and the moment recorded with some formal photographs. June and Cliff took each other by the arm and walked back down the aisle, grinning at almost anything which caught their eye.”

“After a few celebratory drinks, we headed into an adjacent room and used the huge mural as a backdrop for some family photographs, before heading off for a whirlwind tour of the picturesque stairways and balconies.”

“Immaculately setup tables welcomed guests as they took their seats and settled down for the speeches. I’m sure you could hear the laughter elsewhere in the hotel as one by one, the key players stood up and offered some thoroughly entertaining words.”

“Cliff’s son took centre stage with his best man’s speech which had folk roaring with laughter. Poor June looked as if she would drown in tears as a story about Cliff unwittingly posing in his new sunglasses (minus one lens) was brought to life with visual reality.”

“The big hand on the big clock was approaching eight ‘o clock, which left just enough time for a brief visit to the rooftop and a chance to catch some fresh air. Well I caught some fresh air, but June and Cliff barely came up for breath as they kissed for the cameras.”

“Now suitably cooled off, the happy couple returned downstairs to cut the cake before taking to the dance floor.”

“Their first dance was typical of how this couple chose to spent much of the day, firmly locked in each others arms where they so clearly belong.”

The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh - Stuart Craig Photo

mature bride and groom



This Wedding was such a privilige to share.  Just a beautiful elegant day for two people who have found each other a little later in life.
Stuart has captured the intense bond they share so well and the stunning architecture and lighting in the hotel has made for some incredible portraits.
The last image just says it all “I am so glad I found you and that you are mine!”
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