Simple Glamour – Real Wedding Feature – Lindsay and Simon – Images by Stuart Craig Photography

Today its my pleasure to share the glamourous Wedding of Lindsay and Simon beautifully captured by Stuart Craig Photography.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country. I have been lucky enough to work with Stuart on 2 past occasions, and he is both a talented photographer as well as having sparkling personality and wit.

He guides us through the Couples lovely day,

There was an unmistakable sense of excitement in the house as I greeted Lindsay and unpacked the camera. Her mum quickly offered me a cup of coffee while dad
sorted the music out with some 80′s american anthems.”

“The Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins) provided the soundtrack as the flowers arrived, prompting everyone to
gather around the kitchen table to try them out for size.”

“An epic seemed to be on the cards, so it was just as well they had a sharp shooter to catch the action. Top gun was the movie if I’m not mistaken.”

“Lindsay stared into the mirror before bursting into a fit of laughter. Sunburn had left an uneven looking tan on her back, spoiled by her long hair
which had created dark marks.”

“A debate ensued with the bridesmaids over how best to conceal it, before the they too joined in with some infectious laughter.”

“That sounded a great solution to me. I left them to it, and got busy immersing myself with some eye candy in the kitchen. The flowers, shoes and a gorgeous looking
dress provided plenty to admire.”

“The mood changed as the bridesmaids got their frocks on. It was now getting real, and they had an almost business like approach to helping each other out.”

“Lindsay suddenly appeared wearing a strikingly different look, and a pair of eyes which could light up any room.”

“I immediately changed lens, and invited her over to the window. The image in the viewfinder looked timeless as Lindsay gazed over in my direction. It prompted the idea of placing the camera on the kitchen table and catching a sequence to show off her smile.”

“Guests were arriving in force by the time I had made the trip over to Dirleton Kirk. Simon was busy greeting everyone and seemed to be on fine form. He posed
with the best man before I asked for the rings, and duly headed inside to greet the minister.”

“Inside I recognised some familiar faces in the form of Gee Whiz, who had filmed my cousins wedding on a previous occasion (very well!), and were sharing recording duties with us today. Agent Claire was already in position as the bridal car came into view. Lights. Camera. Action.”

“Simon was standing at the top of the aisle, chatting and joking with his best man. As soon as he saw Lindsay being walked down the aisle, he turned away
biting his lip. It left the best man facing down the aisle, watching as Lindsay approached with a beaming smile. The look in her eyes as they turned to
face each other was a missile lock, and an unmissable shot.”

“I tracked the ceremony from my perch, picking off moments as they happened before joining the bridal party to sign the register and offer a formal memento.”

“After a few group shots outside the church, everyone headed over to the waterfront at Archerfield House. The drinks reception was now well underway, so
I invited Lindsay and Simon to the nearby boat house for some photographs alone, followed by Elaine from Gee Whiz.”

“The happy couple stopped at their vintage car to kiss before performing some high speed maneuvers in each others arms.”

“The speeches got underway, treating everyone to some funny stories and an epic performance by the best man. Their rings sparkled in the glitzy light as
laughter rang out in the marquee.”

“My favorite moment was when 2 baby pictures of the happy couple were held up by respective tables, inviting folk to guess which was which.”

“Needless to say it went down well with the crowd.”

“Everyone settled down to enjoy their meal, gathering energy for some fun and frolics outside in the late afternoon sunshine. The bridesmaids didn’t take much
persuading to roll on the grass and take advantage of the warm light, before joining the girls who were strutting to a ‘Here come the girls’ soundtrack.”

“They played up to the cameras which were rolling in slow motion, prompting Lindsay to come skipping towards the boys who were preparing to create their own moody
‘Reservoir Dogs’ look. The contrast between them was chalk and cheese.”

“Cleverly billed as the moment they had been dreading, Lindsay and Simon surprised everyone with a blistering first dance which I shot with the aid of
Agent Claire. The flash-dance froze the action perfectly, before things intensified when folk joined the floor”.

“It was utter carnage at close range, and quite dangerous as a foot blow to the head reminded me. I really need a helmet for such occasions!”

“What a great couple, and what a superb adrenaline filled day. Who wouldn’t enjoy a mission that provides a high as big as this one.”

I love the vibrancy of the details and the feel of overwhelming glamour and fun to the day.

I particularly love the stunning Bridesmaids gowns, and what can you say about those tartan trews.

 Thanks to Stuart for sharing his wonderful images.

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Phone: 0131 552 9003 / 07917 400 710


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