A Smile like Spring Sunshine – Real Wedding – Images by Stuart Craig

Today I have great pleasure in sharing this lovely Spring Wedding Day captured by the fabulous Stuart Craig.

Stuart is a wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and covers weddings and civil partnerships throughout the country.

Stuart gives us a glimpse of Jane and Chris’s Wedding Day,

“The house was a hive of activity as I arrived to greet Jane. There seemed to be wedding stuff scattered throughout all the rooms, but the kitchen was clearly the centre of attention.”

” The make-up artists and hairdresser were in full swing, so I nestled into a tight space and began pointing the camera at anything which moved.”

“By the time the flowers were delivered, it was clear that this was going to be a cute wedding. A bright yellow mini pulled up in the driveway forcing me to grin as I rushed outside with the camera.”

“Meanwhile at the at St James the Less Church in Penicuik, the boys were hovering around greeting guests as they arrived.”

“The familiar sight of the Pickled Piper provided the soundtrack, and was proving popular with guests who seemed eager to pose for a photograph.”

“I headed indoors to arrange for a shooting spot before turning my attention to the boys and the all important rings. Chris was quick to show off his cuff links which made me smile. It wasn’t very long before I spotted mum and the bridesmaids arriving.”

“Jane arrived in a black taxi, decorated with a white ribbon to tell the world of it’s destination. Her expression as she spotted the rest of the girls was priceless, and was instantly captured through the narrow opening in the door. It was no accident that I happened to be standing just there in anticipation.”

“With a guest missing, Jane was asked to hold for a couple of minutes before getting out and joining the rest of the bridal party. Dad took her arm and walked towards the church entrance whilst I enjoyed the pipers eye view.”

“Chris welcomed the procession with a warm smile, climaxing with Jane’s arrival as you might expect. They stood there giggling as the ceremony got underway, punctuated with some readings, hymns and the occasional joke thrown in for entertainment.”

“It seemed to go by very quickly, and before I knew it the happy couple were exchanging rings. You could hear a pin drop in the church as they repeated their vows with care. A kiss, a flash and a round of applause told you what you wanted to know. It was time to head outdoors.”

“The newly weds stood grinning at the front door as folk made there way outside from a side entrance to gather around.  The soft light and bright colours on show made it refreshingly easy to capture, the sun only occasionally threatening to spoil the game. Champagne and confetti followed as people congratulated them, while I considered how best to catch a departure reflection on the taxi window.”

“Jane and Chris arrived at Barony Castle in the same taxi cab, and I soon had them all to myself to create some of the images we had planned a few weeks before on a recce.”

“My favourite portrait lens tracked them walking into the woods hand in hand, no doubt looking forward to being alone as husband and wife for the first time. When we got to our rendezvous, I immediately went into the undergrowth to explore. The shot below shows their celebration, completely unaware that I was shooting through the branches.”

“The soft light in the woods was criminally easy to work with, albeit only just enough to handhold a heavy camera effectively. The various trees and diced wooden logs offered plenty of cover, and some creative framing by shooting through the gaps! Jane and Chris looked so cute together it seemed rude to interrupt them, so I kept any instructions to a minimum and let the camera roll. By the time we headed over to the gazebo they were looking pretty confident and seemed pleased with their handywork.”

“The height difference between Jane and Chris provided some amusement as they posed together, although Jane was quick to seek revenge by climbing up on the ledge. I think she just wanted to look down on Chris for once! But what goes up must come down, and poor Jane was forced to jump as Chris gathered his prize. As they sun broke through the clouds, we unravelled the veil and I invited them into a bubble of their own making. They were free-styling with a smile, once again doing things naturally in their own sweet way.”

“Jane and Christopher will be heading to Paris with me later in the summer for an international Trash The Dress. I’ve promised them something a bit different, and will be looking forward to seeing how they work the cameras in the french capital. I feel a bit of innocent, magazine-styled story telling coming on!”



If smiles could light up a not so bright day then this was the Wedding.

Jane beams in every image and her inherent joy and happiness to be marrying the man she loves just shines out.

Thank you to Stuart for sharing these incredible images, and I really look forward to sharing the follow up from this after Jane and Chris and Stuart go off on their jaunt to Paris for the Trash the Dress.


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