Spanish Winds Over Turnberry – Real Wedding Feature – Images by Tommy Cairns Photography

Today I am really excited to share this beautiful English/Spanish Wedding from the lens of Tom Cairns Photography.

Tom is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

Photography has been a passion for Tom as long as he can remember.  He has always found that being able to capture moments in time and to look back at them over the years is something really special.

Life is always on the move. People change, memories blossom and fade. His approach to photography is a refreshingly simple one: his style is honest and fun, celebrating life, love and family.

He takes time to get to know his clients and to understand what makes them tick so that he can reflect his clients individuality in the images he takes.

To strengthen the feeling of intimacy in his photography he prefer’s to work on-location with natural light, which compliments his belief of taking honest, simple, beautiful images that capture the beauty and connection a family enjoys. He’s constantly watching and waiting to capture fresh and original images and presenting them to clients with a modern contemporary feel.

The key thing is for Tom is then to turn those ordinary moments into extraordinary images and present them as a work of art, be it on a wall or in a beautiful book.

The end results are family heirlooms that celebrate moments in time, which will forever warm your heart.

Tom shares one of his recent Weddings at one of Scotland’s top hotels,

“A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of being Andrew and Antonia’s photographer at their wedding, which was held at the stunning Turnberry Resort on the West Coast of Scotland.”

“When I had met them to talk over their plans I just couldn’t wait for the day to come round. The brief was pretty much, totally informal, fun, laughter, relaxed, “don’t ask me to pose” and beware of the Spanish…oh and the ceremony is outside….”

“Antonia is originally from Barcelona and Andrew from England, work and family has brought them up to Ayr in Scotland so with Turnberry not being that far away, it was the perfect location.”

“Antonia had set her heart on the wedding being held outside at the iconic Turnberry Lighthouse.”

“Try to picture this (especially if you play golf)….Turnberry is a Championship golf course with some of the most famous Open Championships having being held there…”

“To get to the Lighthouse you literally have to cross this famous piece of land, so I had to admit that with this in mind, the very changeable weather and all the other considerations, I really didn’t believe it would happen.”

“As I drove down to the resort on the morning of the wedding it was overcast, dull and windy, no chance this was going to happen….Antonia was determined though !”

“Sure enough, about a couple of hours before the ceremony as I was photographing the girls getting ready the call came through to the room….it was on !  Thought the roof was going to come off !”

“To see a single decker bus with 70 guests coming across the path through the course was hilarious, the looks on some of the golfers faces was amazing….kind of……what the hell!”

“What was even better was the brides mode of transport……over the hill she came with her driver, in a green Turnberry golf buggy, fantastic!!”

T”he wedding ceremony took place in kind of sunny weather with a bit of a breeze, no surprise really as we literally were just a few yards from the cliffs with a tad of a drop down to the sea….”

“It really was a memorable occasion and it could have been more so for me when I came to take the informal group shots…..female guests with wellies carrying on like you wouldn’t believe, think just about all the male guests wanted in a shot, this all at the edge of the cliffs with me about a pace and a half from falling into the sea….hey it’s all in a days work.”

“The rest of the day did go just as they wanted, fun, informal, relaxed, a real party atmosphere.”

“A musical best mans speech to an old Rolling Stones song with had the place in stitches and the Spanish doing what they do best, generally singing and jumping about at random moments …..All in all a fantastic day and certainly one to remember.”





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