The Adventure Continues…Stunning Snowy Scottish Wedding – 2 People 1 Life.

From a journey that started in July 2011, to March 2013 and the stunning Argyll Coast and a stunning snowy Scottish Wedding, the travels and nuptuals of Lisa and Alex are most definetely unusual….

Lisa and Alex aka 2 People 1 Life are a couple in love, searching for the perfect place to get married.

How? By having a wedding ceremony in each country they visit…




The couple had always wanted to travel the world in search of a new home, new friends and a future together.

They decided that they were going to do it, they threw caution to the wind, sold all of their possessions and just set off, they also decided that they would like to get married, possibly whilst on their trip of a lifetime.

So they saved and saved and lived a little bit like hermits they put everything up for sale and started to get vaccines for every disease imaginable and they also started to research weddings.

They are  now on an adventure of a lifetime which started in 2011 and  they are going to drive and ship around the globe in their 25 year old camper van ‘Peggy’ exchanging vows in the most unusual and unique wedding locations they can find.

They are looking to embrace the culture and local traditions of each place they visit.

They want to experience the difference in each ceremony and find out what it is that makes the bringing of two people together such a worldwide tradition, and also help Unicef  through their Zank You Wedding Registry!

At the end of the trip they will pick their favorite place and go back to officially tie the knot.

The Scottish Adventure was dually captured by Warwick Photography and Crear Photography, and today I share the images of Graham of Warwick Photography.

Warwick Photography have been offering contemporary wedding photography for the past 10 years.  Every couple that book a wedding with them are guaranteed to get some unique images that they will treasure for years to come.

Graham says “We always offer a complimentary engagement shoot, to us this is really important as we get to know each couple and you get to have an insight to how we work to capture your wedding adventure.”

“We cover each wedding in a reportage style with minimal group shots and edit each image in our unique style.”

“When I was asked to drive up to the other end of the country to capture some images of Alex and Lisa I jumped at the chance…. I mean what is there to not like, a couple with an amazing story, snow and amazing landscapes.”

“The trip far exceeded what I expected and some fantastic images were captured.”

“Alex and Lisa are some of the most genuine nicest people I have had the chance to work with, plus they make an awesome curry.”




Lisa tells why the couple chose Scotland and shares her memories of the day,

“We chose Crear because we wanted a location near Alex’s family hometown. Alex’s Dad was brought up in Campbeltown and we wanted to have a ceremony close to ‘home’.”

“We also wanted to be surrounded by Scotlands stunning nature. The weather did us a HUGE favour in that we had snow for the wedding (although I could have dressed a little more appropriately) and we also got the typical four seasons in one day but in around 30 minutes!”

“The sun shone, the wind blew, the snow fell and the clouds flew across the sky like time was sped up…it was an incredible day!”

“We were lucky to have Kate from Crear to help us every step of the way, she runs that place like a well oiled machine and had everything and everyone at her finger tips, from Archie Mcallister (the best fiddler in the land) to the fireworks company to the Mid Argyll pipe band to the Crear Kitchen to make our day spectacular!”

“There was obviously a little panic around the weather situation, with 5 ft snow drifts and tractors on hand to pull us out of the snow but we sailed through and even arrived a day early!”

“The cottage was perfect and we settled in immediately, lit the log burner and kept it warm with a few bottles of wine with our friends that had come along to be bridesmaid and best man!”
“The day of the wedding we relaxed in the morning, whipped up a homemade mushroom soup for when we got in from the cold after the ceremony and rushed around last minute (true to form) getting ready as Archie played for us. He was amazing, it is incredible how he can get so much melody from such a tiny instrument! He took our breath away.”

“Next we gathered behind the Midargyll pipe band and Iain Campbell piped us all the way to the beach! We got half way and realised I had left my flowers behind so Alex had to run back to collect them and slipped over in the snow on his way back to catch us up!”

“When we got to the beach Alex (my Bridesmaid) and I stripped off our warm layers and put on our heels as the wind whistled around us and the snow clipped our ears.”

“The ceremony was beautiful and very emotional. I saw Alex well up and could feel the connection for him to his families heritage, It was just perfect.”
“Once the ceremony was over the Mid Argyll pipe band played as we walked the beach, the music washed over us and sent tingles up our spines!”
“We all retired to the cottage and made everyone hot tea and coffee to thaw their bones and to raise for a toast before they left and everyone signed our marriage ‘certificate’.”






DSCF7589_web DSCF7598_web































Scottish Wedding Suppliers


Wedding venue

Caisealrag Cottage at Crear and 

Footage  of the Crear Wedding Experience


Glasgow based e.y.i love – everything yours i love (incase you didn’t know!). Passionate people who love to design beautiful unique stationery.

For the groom – Alex

Slanj Kilts in Glasgow –

For the bride – Lisa

Wedding dress –  Lindsay Fleming Design

 Going away dress – Iona Crawford

Bridal accessories

Melle Cloche, a beautiful little wedding accessories boutique in the West End of Glasgow.

Brides garter 

Argyll based Eliza and Charleston

BridesMaid Gown

Two Birds Bridesmaid –


Melody Whitley at Crear Flowers

Music and entertainment

Iain Campbell  – Pipes ( piper who starred on Downton Abbey Christmas Day special )   

The Mid-Argyll Pipe Band – one of the oldest civillian pipe bands in Scotland and regularly perform all over Europe.

 Archie McAllister (fiddle) – new album release – South West by South West with Iain Stretch MacFadyen

Wedding Breakfast

Alan Boslem at Crear Kitchen

Champagne and Wine

L’Art du Vin


Peggy Camper Van wedding cake by MJ at Crear Cakes


Orkney Fudge




Photography by Graham Warwick photography

Also Filming and photography by Crear Photography – Images can be seen HERE.


Your Favoureats

Handfast poem book

Donated by Scottish Poetry library.


Thank You so much to Graham for allowing me to share his beautiful Photography and also to Lisa and Alex for letting me share their Scottish Wedding (Wedding No.39) and a little of their wonderful journey.


Further images of the 2 People 1 Life can be seen here by – Crear Photography


To Contact the Photographer – Warwick Photography




Phone: 01363 774520 or 07809 730761




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    Thanks so much for featuring our story Alison and for sharing Grahams amazing pictures! Some I hadn’t even seen yet! We had such an incredible few days at Caisealrag cottage and Kate was such a superstar sourcing all of the vendors for us. I loved my dresses and could DIE for those accessories, my bouquet was just perfect and exactly what I had envisioned and and I just love the shot of the fab Garter from Laura! The whole day was made so magical with the snow and the music from all of the pipers, fiddlers and marching band, it was just perfect! Thanks again for sharing our story and another huge thanks to everyone involved in our 39th big day!

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