The Beautiful Path of Togetherness ~ A Celebration of 30 years of Marriage

Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Oregon Vow Renewal and a beautiful celebration of 30 years of marriage.

What we need to remember is that marriage is a journey, not just a destination and we grow together, we learn together, we endure together whatever life has thrown at us, and ultimately we are stronger just like Terri and Jerry.

Images of this glorious day were captured by Hey Its Zotti at Sisters, Oregon, the gateway to The Cascades.

Leksey aka Zotti is an internationally awarded life and love photographer and a crazy animal lady.

She specialises in capturing weddings, elopements, lifestyle sessions and is based in Bend, Oregon.


Bride Terri says of the couples love story…


We met summer of 1987. I was beginning school year as a freshman and Jerry was a senior. My sister was friends of his friend. That’s how the spark ignited.

High school sweethearts. We were inseparable. And when we had to be apart it was all we could do to stay sane!!!!

We married February of 1990. I would say soul mates best friends and lovers!

As all marriage’s there are bumps in the road and it is at that moment you have to dig deep to see how much you love one another and how bad it would hurt to live without each other.

We ignited so much love with all the triumph and tribulations that today we are in love with each other way more then when we first married.

We kept the love going cause we laugh so darn much together and we defiantly learned to respect at a much greater level!

We have a fun realistic relationship. We look Into each other’s eye every day to say I love you and we see the spark!

We chose a vow renewal cause we have transformed our selves into such different people we have grown up together.

30 years just feels like it was the time to identify us, our Pearl Anniversary, setting the bar for another 30 years plus of this beautiful path of being together.

Terri and Jerrys Tips for a long and happy marriage…

You need to build a strong foundation of communication and respect. You can love someone all you want, but if you don’t respect them and communicate with them, it will only get you so far.

You have to choose to stay in love, especially when things get hard.

When your relationship is struggling it’s an opportunity learn new things about each other. You have to choose to make it and not break it.

You need to feel that passion you have for your partner deep in your heart and keep moving forward, always.



Photography – Hey Its Zotti

Dress & Suit – Bridal Suite Bend

Flowers – Blomstra Florals

Hair – K & Co Bridal

Make Up – Kate Hana Artistry 


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