“Village Charm” – An intimate Lincolnshire Wedding with a Village fete theme and floral Bridesmaids gowns

Today I am thrilled to share this lovely intimate Lincolnshire Wedding with a Village fete theme and floral Bridesmaids gowns.

I just love wee weddings where family and celebration are key and this beautiful day encapsulates that.

Kirsty and Lee got married at North Witham church on the 22nd June.

They had a beautiful reception at the Tollemache Arms, a hidden treasure in Lincolnshire.

The day was full of handmade and personal touches.




Images of the day were capture by Courtney Louise Photography.

Courtney is a wedding photographer based in the Cotswolds, ideally located for commissions throughout the county and the UK.

Her wedding photography approach is unobtrusive; with no interference or dictation on your special day


I spoke to the Groom Lee, who tells us about the couple and their day,


How did you meet?

“We met in n October 2005.”

“Strangely the first time we met Kirsty was wearing PJS, it was late at night though and she was at home.”

“I worked evenings stacking shelves with one of her University housemates,  and one evening a group of us headed back there after work.”

“Little did Kirsty know when near midnight she walked into her living room she would find the love of her life.”

“We instantly took a shine to each other and from then onwards we have been pretty much inseparable. The strange thing is we lived one street apart for two years, and most possible had crossed paths many times before.”


When did you get engaged?

“We got engaged in September 2010 in a tent at a festival.”

“We were a little tipsy and were totally exhilarated after being front of stage seeing Scouting for Girls.”

“I had planned to propose this weekend, but maybe some where romantic in the woodlands, but we had spent many years at festivals and this moment felt right.”

“I dropped to two knees (it was a small tent) and blurted it out, “Will you marry me!”

“I didn’t quite get the response I expected since Kirsty assumed I was slightly worse for wear, but thankfully she said ‘Yes’.”


Tell us about your Wedding Planning Journey

As most newly engaged couples do, we started to plan immediately.”

We knew instantly we would get married in a tiny village church where Kirsty’s parents had got married and were she had grown up.”

“We didn’t want a 3 course sit down meal with all the traditional elements and wanted a relaxed day.”

“We soon settled on afternoon tea, with a village fete theme. We spent many weekends at car boots collecting china, soon family and friends started to randomly pop in with pieces they had discovered at charity shops and boot sales.”

“Finding a venue in a remote area within our budget was difficult but we certainly struck gold when we discovered the Tollemache Arms in Buckminster, it was full of rustic village charm.”

“Amanda and Matt the owners were fabulous and could not of been more helpful.”

“By February 2013 all we had done was book the church, venue, photographer and VW van.”

“As we had had our hands full with having a baby boy Jude in December 2012, and by February when we was starting to get endless questions from relatives about the wedding we actually started to plan.”

“We didn’t have time for endless discussions or even the fine details with our suppliers.  Instead we put our trust in them, we gave them a vision and luckily they created it!”


When did you get married?

“We got married on the 22nd June 2013.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“The vows were certainly the most cherished part of the day, at times it had felt such a  distance to us becoming husband and wife but on the day it felt as if we were the only ones there.”

“Our private photos in the field after the afternoon tea were most likely a special moment we finally felt relaxed, we had done all the important things and we could take it all in.”

“It was more us as we put our wellies on and squeezed into Courtney’s car.”


What advice would you give to other couples getting married?

“Have a baby before! We just didn’t have time to change our minds, or go over endless options.”

“We made a decision and that was it made.”

“Sometimes I think brides and grooms can lose sight of what the day is about but all we cared about was getting married and declaring our love for another.”

“Guests don’t care about expensive cake, favours or how big the bouquet is.”






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Thank you to Courtney for sharing this beautiful Lincolnshire Wedding and for the couple for sharing their love story.

I love the homely relaxed feel of the whole day and the beautiful little DIY touches from their stationery to their table plan and fabulous little wooden tree stump table number.

I also love their fingerprint guest book, the fantastic and very re-wearable summery floral bridesmaid dresses and their laid back wedding meal with yummy sandwiches and cake, just the way they wanted it.


Supporting Cast

Photographer – Courtney Louise Photography

Venue – The Tollemache Arms, Buckminster

Hog Roast – Saxby rare breeds

VW – VDUB vintage

Suits – Moss Bros

Dress – Wedding dress factory outlet

Bridesmaid’s dresses – Monsoon

Flowers & cake – By lovely friends


To Contact Courtney Louise Photography

Website: http://www.courtneylouisephotography.co.uk/

Email: info@courtneylouisephotography.co.uk/

Phone: 07823440536

Blog: http://www.courtneylouisephotography.co.uk/blog/




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