Winter Chills and Daffodils ! – Snowy Spring Wedding – Images by Chantal Lachance Gibson

Today I am thrilled to share a Snowy Spring Wedding captured by Chantal Lachance Gibson  at the stunning Mar Hall.

Its really quite amusing to see the spring daffodils of March poking through pockets of snow, though probably not so much when you are amidst the freezing temperatures.


Fae + Paul (8)


Chantal Lachance Gibson is French Canadian, and originally from Winnipeg, Canada.

She now lives in Glasgow with her husband Scott , and the husband and wife team work together to ensure full coverage of the Bride and Grooms day.

Their style  is artistic, contemporary and very natural. 


Chantal says of the couple,

“I met Fae and Paul on the day of their pre-wedding shoot. Fae was pretty determined to book me for their special day.”

“Fae then added me on Facebook so we could chat and get to know each other.  We chatted all things wedding and she also got to see my work on the run up to her and Pauls big day.”

“I have to say that their Wedding Day was the coldest day this winter. We did not really have a winter this year and then it decided to make its appearance on that day.”

“Photo plans for the Loch following the Ceremony were cancelled due to the weather so continued at Mar Hall after arrival there.” 

“I remember thinking the whole time how brave and willing they were to get those shots outside!! Anything to get the shots and they were all for it!”


Fae + Paul (1)

Fae + Paul (2)

Fae + Paul (6)

Fae + Paul (7)

Fae + Paul (8)

Fae + Paul (57) Fae + Paul (66)

Fae + Paul (96)

Fae + Paul (105)

Fae + Paul (122)

Fae + Paul (141)

Fae + Paul (167)

Fae + Paul (173)

Fae + Paul (190)

Fae + Paul (204)

Fae + Paul (222)


I now hand over to beautiful Bride Fae to tell us her Love Story,


How did you meet?

“Paul and I were best friends as teens. We tried dating but found it awkward trying to cross the friendship-relationship path.”

“Life took us in different directions but we came together again a few years ago and have never looked back. We always had so much love for each other even as friends.”


The Engagement

“We had just had our baby Abbie.. (the youngest of four) and it was our first time leaving her with a babysitter.”

“Paul told me to pick somewhere special to stay so that we could spend some time together away from the household chores.”

“I booked a luxury room at Mar Hall, as I had always wanted to stay there.  He knew getting me to plan the trip would take the heat off any suspicions I could have had.”

“Paul had bought my Engagement ring four months in advance. He had his brother keep the ring in his flat for safe keeping and away from my prying eyes.”

“We, of course had talked about getting engaged before so I suppose I knew it was on the horizon but I wasn’t clever enough to keep an eye on him saving in his business account.”

“The week of the proposal he picked the ring up and followed protocol by asking my Grandad for my hand etc. All sounds perfect so far…”

“Apart from the fact that he got so excited (he really is so excitable) that he asked me out of nowhere in the kitchen the night before we were due to check into Mar.”

“It was clumsy and impatient but perfect in its own way.”

“I would have hated the restaurant scene that he chickened out of anyway, and it meant we could head to Mar the next day on Cloud 9.”

“There was champagne and chocolates waiting for us on arrival and I can still feel how happy we were when I think back.”


The Planning

“My Wedding Planning journey was very challenging. It was the first time I realised how indecisive I am.”

“I changed my dress 3 times, Cars, cake, jewelry and just about everything else bar the groom. I tell him that theres  a compliment for him in there somewhere.”

“Overall I loved it though. All the suppliers I ended up with were first class.”


What was the best bit of your day?

“We got married on 23rd March 2013 on a cold, snowy, Spring day.”

“The very best bit was when we got announced as Mr & Mrs McAlpine as we walked into the marquee.”

“It was amazing to see all our hard work come together, and have all our loved ones welcome us in.”


Fae + Paul (270)

Fae + Paul (271)

Fae + Paul (306)

Fae + Paul (328)

Fae + Paul (433)

Fae + Paul (435)

Fae + Paul (439)

Fae + Paul (443)

Fae + Paul (451)

Fae + Paul (474)

Fae + Paul (512)

Fae + Paul (565)

Fae + Paul (573)

Fae + Paul (579)

Fae + Paul (593)

Scott's photos (92)

Fae + Paul (770)


Wedding Suppliers


Venue – Mar Hall

Flowers – Helensburgh flowers

Cars – Carrs Loch Lomond

Cake – Rainbow Sugar Craft

Hair and Make Up – Laura Gray Bridal

Photography – Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography

Dress – Opus Couture

Kilts –  Kilts 4 u

(The boys kilts were Grey spirit for the groom & best men. Black tartan for the ushers and our two sons.)


What advice would you give to other Brides and Grooms ?

“Never lose sight of why you are getting married.”

“We never argued once over silly things because of that advice. If you do it right then planning should bring you closer together.”


Thank you to Chantal for allowing me to share this elegant yet chilly, snowy spring wedding and well done to the couple for braving the freeze with a smile.


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Phone: 07935 294928


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UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow


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    Lovely work Chantal, well captured at such a stunning location!

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