AniMac Design – Quirky and unusual bespoke Wedding Stationery – New Sponsor

Today I am thrilled to welcome AniMac Design, creator of Quirky and unusual handmade, bespoke wedding stationery as a brand new Blog Sponsor.

Animac is based on the Isle of Bute.



I had a chat to the lovely Annie to find out all about her Business,


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Annie McAllister and I own AniMac Design.

We hand-make bespoke wedding invitations, jewellery and cards from a little workshop overlooking the sea on the gorgeous Isle of Bute, with a secondary base in Glasgow.


In terms of your wedding stationery, what types of products do you offer?

We make Invitations, Save the Dates, Favours, Table Plans, Post Boxes, Thank You cards, Wishing Trees, wedding jewellery and pretty much anything else that a bride wants to co-ordinate. We have even decorated horse shoes.

Our invitations come complete with RSVPs and Information Sheets as standard.


What makes AniMac different?

We offer a completely bespoke service on all of our wedding stationery, working with couples to design and make their perfect invitations.

Our aim is to create a real sense of anticipation about the forthcoming celebration and to give our clients stationery that is as individual as their day.

In order to keep our service personal and of a high standard, there is a finite number of weddings that we can accommodate each year – we won’t compromise quality for volume.


Do you have a stock range of invitations?

We have ranges of invitations which can be tailored to our clients’ needs but we don’t pre-make and hold a stock of off-the-shelf invitations.

We offer something completely different.

Our clients usually come to us having seen our products either in person as a guest, through wedding fayres or via our website.

Often they have found something in our range that they want to incorporate into their invitations or have a definite theme or motif they wish to include.

We have a consultation to discuss the couple’s requirements and then make up a range of samples from which they can choose their perfect invitations.


Your invitations come with RSVPs and Information Sheets as standard. Why is that?

There are two reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to offer a simple pricing structure for our clients without hidden extras or costly add-ons.

Secondly, the RSVPs and Information Sheets are an integral part of the overall look and feel of the invitations so it’s important that we make them as special as the main invitations.


How do you manage consultations with clients throughout the UK?

If we can’t physically meet, we are happy to conduct consultations via Skype, telephone or by email.

And of course the website is a great reference point for couples to cherry pick whatever elements of our designs they particularly like.


Does your location on an island create a barrier to potential customers?

Absolutely not.

The Isle of Bute is very close to the mainland and we have excellent transport and communication links.

We also factor into our timescales an allowance for unforeseen logistical issues and are able to quickly and seamlessly switch our production operations to Glasgow if necessary.


Who are typical AniMac customers?

None of our clients are typical – that’s part of the fun for us.

We have worked with a whole range of people, from very young couples at first daunted by the whole process, to business execs with very definite ideas on finish.

Whatever a client needs, we respond to.

However I would say that what our customers have in common is that they are looking for something just a little bit different to the norm and they usually want to have some level of input into the design of their invitations, which we love.


Your products are very different. How would you describe them?

I would say they are quirky and unusual. We love using texture, motifs and three dimensional products to create our invitations; even our unboxed invitations have an element of layering to them.

Our boxed invitations really are keepsakes; they give us the freedom to be creative wand use everything from paper to wire and even wood.

We also love incorporating traditional products like Harris Tweed in new ways.


You recently launched some new products. Can you tell us a bit about those?

On the invitations side, we launched our Boxed Wooden Heart Invitations.

These invitations are made from solid wooden hearts which come in a range of colours or can be left natural.

They come housed in a beautifully hand-embossed box.

We also launched two favour ranges: Wooden Hearts and Heart Charms. The Wooden Hearts are keepsake favours, based on the Wooden Heart Invitations.

The Heart Charm favours are little resin-enamelled hearts on lobster-claw clasps that come in a variety of colours and originated from one of our jewellery ranges.

They are the perfect gift for female guests, who can add them onto an existing charm bracelet or necklace that they already own as a special reminder of the day.


Do you have any advice for couples buying stationery?

I would advise couples to make their Save the Dates different from their Invitations. If you want your invitations to have real impact, don’t give a taster beforehand – it dilutes the effect.  


What does the future hold for AniMac?

Although our products have begun to be noticed and were recently featured in the Best Scottish Wedding Directory, we are determined not to sacrifice quality or style for volume.

We will remain a small company, based in Bute, providing a high quality niche service for our wedding clients.


Boxed Bouquet Invitation

Boxed Wire Rose Invitation (Silver)

Heart Charm Favour Box

Pocketfold Invitation

Wooden Heart Favour 3

Wooden Heart Invitation 2

Wooden Heart Invitation


As well as great bespoke Wedding Stationery, Annie creates stunning Jewelery too.







Thanks so much to Annie  for coming on board as a Sponsor, and I look forward to sharing  her bespoke wedding stationery amongst other beautiful products in the coming months.


To Contact AniMac  Designs 



Phone: 07589 702263 




UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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