Bridal Lingerie Choices – Choosing a Strapless Wedding Bustier, Basque or Bridal Corset

Today I am thrilled to welcome back Sponsor Moonrise Lingerie to give some advice of what type of Bridal Lingerie would be best to accompany your beautiful Wedding Gown.


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Richard of Moonrise says “Once the quest is complete, and you’ve found that illusive perfect wedding gown, it’s not over!”

“Don’t forget to sort your bridal lingerie out shortly after, and definitely have it for your final dress fitting.”

“It still surprises us at Moonrise how many brides we have coming to us for their bridal lingerie just weeks before their actual wedding day! So don’t leave it until the last minute.”

“Choosing your wedding underwear can almost be as difficult as looking for the dress itself, and now with many modern wedding dress styles having open neck lines and off the shoulder designs exposing the shoulders, it leaves many brides searching for a strapless lingerie solution.”

“This shouldn’t just restrict you to a strapless bra, for there are loads of wedding corsets, bridal basques and wedding bustiers that come with strapless options.”


The Wedding Corset

“You may well be forgiven for thinking that there is very little difference between the three, mainly due to the fact that lots of manufacturers overlap their designs and mix up the naming.”

“In essence a wedding corset will give the greatest level of support with a good waist cinching effect and brings about a wonderfully sculpted effect to the outline of the figure. Sounds great for the wedding day doesn’t it?”

“A corset may or may not have moulded or shaped cups included in the design, but they are an excellent solution for fuller figure brides or for those with larger bust sizes.”

“The addition of a low back in the corset design helps hide the wedding underwear out of view too!”


Strapless Wedding Corset, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie


“A double tie lace up fastening at the back of your wedding corset is excellent for allowing adjustment for your own personal taste and amount of waist hugging you want to achieve from the corset.”


The Bridal Basque

“A bridal basque will offer less support due to the thinner material often chosen in the design of the basque, and they often have less boning in their bodice as well.”

“The basque itself may or may not carry on down as far as the hips, but the overall figure sculpting effect will be noticeably less than that of a corset.”

“As with corsets, a bridal basque may also come with garter belts, often detachable to allow for wedding stockings or bridal hold ups as suits.”


Bridal Basque, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie

strapless bridal basque, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie


Strapless Wedding Bustier

“A Wedding bustier in general will stop above the hips and offer less support around the midriff with minimal waist cinching effects, and in the most offer little or no boning.”

“However, we have seen many wedding bustiers intended for the bride to be with plenty of elements of boning creep into the designs, probably to help just tweek the figure in just a little bit to add definition to it.”

“A seamless wedding bustier is great for dresses that have a light material or fit close, as lots of lace and detailing in the lingerie can often show through the dress.”


Satin Bow Bridal_Bustier, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie

Seamless Wedding Bustier, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie


“If you’re not looking for a great deal of support, or wanting to pull your waist in by up to 4 inches as you get from a corset then a strapless wedding bustier is a good option.”

“Even more so with modern dress designs incorporating a level of boning in the bodice of the dress itself, a wedding bustier is a good compromise.”


Bridal Lingerie Accessories for the Big Day.

“As with most things in life, ‘the devil is in the detail’, so don’t forget your lingerie accessories for the big day.”

“Many bridal basques, wedding corsets and such have garter straps that are removable to allow for wedding stockings or bridal hold ups.”

“I always advise our brides to have a spare pair on hand with a bridesmaid throughout the day to have as an emergency for any unwanted nics or ladders that might appear!”


Lace Top Wedding Stockings, moonrise lingerie,  bridal underwear, bridal lingerie


Thanks to the team once more for sharing some invaluable information about Bridal Lingerie that is sometimes something we don’t think about initially but is very important in creating the right lines and ensuring we look Wedding Day fantastic.


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