Clink Design – Lovingly handcrafted bespoke wedding stationery

Today I am excited to welcome Clink Design, and their lovingly handcrafted bespoke wedding stationery as a shiny new Blog Sponsor.

Laura recently won my  Blog Birthday Sponsorship Giveaway, and I am delighted to have her on board.

The Brand is based in Worcestershire.


Pansy invitation, clink design, wedding stationery


I hand over to Laura to tell you all about her blossoming Business…


Who are you and what do you do ?

“Hi, I’m Laura and have recently launched a new wedding stationery business, Clink design. I’m the designer/owner and everything else in between.”


Why, and when did you create Clink ?

“It’s been quite a journey on the road to setting up Clink.”

“Just under a year ago I was working my day job, had a lovely boyfriend and two very large, very fluffy doggies.”

“Every year we all go to our favourite place in the world and escape for a weekend in Woolacombe.”

“This year was no different, or so I thought, until one ridiculously hot day on our usual coastal path walk, my boyfriend decided to become my fiancé. Literally best day ever!”

“Having studied graphic design and my day job consisting of a lot of brochure/web design work, I couldn’t wait to get home and crack on with designing my own wedding stationery.”

“I had no idea of what type of wedding I wanted so just started creating all sorts of designs that I felt looked a little different from those I had been receiving over the past few years.”

“I took a lot of inspiration from bright flowers and bold colours moving away from the conventional ivory card with the usual calligraphic fonts. I wanted different and I wanted wow.”

“Every few days or so I would say to my fiancé what do you think of this, or do you like this colour?”

“By the time we had chosen a venue and decided a date I had so many designs saved on my computer I couldn’t decide on my own favorite!”

“I left it to my fiancé to choose and the beautiful rustic theme he has opted for is perfectly in fitting with our venue.”

“He then turned and said to me I’d been working so hard on all of these designs it would be a shame no one would ever get to see them.”

“So we had a think, had a drink (well quite a few), and created Clink! We decided that I needed to share these designs with all the other bride to be’s out there.”

“Things all of a sudden propelled into madness and I decided to just really go for it.”

“I compiled all the designs I had come up with for myself and worked around the clock completing a website, a business plan and finalising designs, fitting it all in around my day job and organising my own wedding.”

“I finally launched Clink on 04/11/14.”


Whats your greatest achievement ?

“So far the greatest achievement was switching the Clink website live on that Tuesday. I sat with my best friend, ‘pressed the button’, then made a very loud squeal.”

“After all the long nights and weekends sat at the computer it was finally worth it! Clink was live and on the internet.”

“My brother has been a great first customer (well he didn’t pay, so not technically a customer…!), letting me design a full stationary range for his wedding next year.”


Whats the future for Clink?

“I hope Clink brings a smile to the faces of all engaged couples out there and brings something different to the table in the world of wedding stationery.”

“I’d like my designs to evolve with wedding trends and customer requests but at the same time remain true to my own and Clink’s values of ‘wanting different’ and ‘wanting wow”

“Enjoy the sparkle!”


Beauty invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Candyfloss invitation, wedding stationery, clink design

Dusty invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Floral mint_coral, clink design, wedding stationery

Fresco invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Hibiscus invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

Scatter invitation, clink design , wedding stationery

Zig Zag invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

vine invitation, clink design, wedding stationery

wedding stationery, clink design, dotty invitation


Thank you so much to Laura for sharing her fresh exciting Wedding Stationery designs, and I cannot wait to see what big things happen for this fab new Brand.


To Contact Clink Wedding Stationery



Phone: 07814 599 661





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