Introducing New Sponsor – Memory Lane Films

Today I am excited to welcome the incredible Event Film makers Memory Lane Films to the Blog as brand new Sponsors.
Memory Lane Films are professional Event filmmakers with bases in both London and Glasgow, providing bespoke filmmaking services across the United Kingdom and worldwide.
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They combine some of the very best audio and visual equipment, their technical skills gained from years in the industry, and a passion for beautifully cinematic images to give you a final film that will remain stylish and contemporary for many years.

Memory Lane Films is run by Tom Gentle and Harry Truman, both of whom have a number of years experience in various forms of Television and Film production.

I had a chat with Tom to find out all about this exciting Business.

Who are you, and What do you do ?
“We are Memory Lane Films and we create exclusive, bespoke wedding films across the entire UK and worldwide.”
“All of our films are filmed in full HD, professionally edited and colour graded, accompanied to the music of your choice and delivered to you in bespoke packaging.”
When, and Why did you start your Business ?
“We started our business about a year ago, because we were asked to film a friend’s wedding. We enjoyed all of the smiling happy faces – everyone is so happy on a wedding day.”
“We also like variety – every event is so different, depending on the venue, number of guests, choice of music and style. It’s just great fun!”
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What inspires you ?
“Telling stories is definitely what inspires us. We love camera work – filming all of the fun is great – but it is the idea of capturing as much of the clients’ story and emotion, and then relating it in a unique and interesting way, that truly inspires us.”
Whats your Greatest Achievement ?
“Oh, wow. I don’t know. We won a huge arts grant to buy all of our equipment to start with, which was amazing and quite an achievement. We’ve been taken abroad several times to film various events…but we haven’t really gone in for the awards as yet.”
Whats the future for Memory Lane Films ?
“I think the future of our business is just bigger and better – a bigger variety of events, introduction of some really interesting equipment and techniques.”
“We also plan to couple our filmmaking with photography in the not so distant future, so that people have the opportunity to go for a joint package.”
Thanks to Tom for giving us an insight into this fresh and exciting new Business which is surely going places in 2013.
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Memory Lane Films have a Special Offer running for the length of February 2013 – 25% off all bookings made before the end of the month.
As long as booking confirmed before the 28th of February then everything – packages, bespoke quotes, all extras – all a quarter off! 
A Sample of their work  can be found here:

Aaron and Debbie | Preston Court, Kent from Memory Lane Films on Vimeo.

Nigel and Maria Teaser from Memory Lane Films on Vimeo.

To Contact Memory Lane Films
Phone: 0141 959 4137  or  0780 059 8121


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