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Today I am excited to introduce KK Catering, a  leading mobile catering & street food company who make Wedding Food just a wee bit special.

They have jumped on board as a brand new shiny Blog Sponsor and I am delighted to have them on board.


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I hand over to Kevin Anderton to tell you all about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hi, My name is Kevin and along with my amazing wife Kimberley we are KK Catering, now one of the UK’s leading wedding, event and party caterers offering street food, mobile catering and wedding catering across the UK.”

“Now to be honest, this was never the direction we intended our company would go in, not at all.”

“We started back in 2005 trading at local carnivals, events and football grounds throughout the summer and had some great fun along the way.”

“As our company name became more established and word of mouth spread, including on new social media channels we started to get many requests for our services at weddings and with these requests our wedding catering side of the business was born.”

“We now operate the following catering services for wedding food all with different service types, from counter service from our units to full scale silver service with our own waiting on staff, whatever the style of wedding our customers require we have the ability to make it happen.”

“We have Fish and Chips, Gourmet Burgers & Dogs, Mexican Burrito’s, Carvery, Pie and Mash, Kebabs, Indian Catering  and much more.”


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What inspires you?

“Number one is serving great food with great service, both before during and after the wedding and then what inspires me the most after this is feedback, we survey each and every one of our customers to find out what we did well and how we can improve.”

“This feedback means we get better at each and every wedding, as we get better not only do we get happy wedding customers but we get happy wedding guests.”

“To see wedding guests waiting for their food laughing and smiling and excited ready for their meals really does put a huge smile on our faces and ensures we leave each wedding happy and excited as well.”


Fish  and Chip Vans, KK Catering, New Sponsor, wedding food


Do trends influence your work?

“Wedding trends are so fast and come and go as quickly as I can say “MUSHY PEAS”, with brides all around the country turning to Pinterest for inspiration for their weddings, trends are here today and gone tomorrow.”

“One example we have seen in the past couple of years is Mexican street food, our Kantina Diablos unit was created based on this trend and is now becoming hugely popular at weddings.”


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What is your greatest achievement?

“Creating a business that gives us a life we could only of ever dreamed off, as the wedding industry is mainly in the summer this gives us the winter to holiday, relax and create more products to offer our customers.”

“Work hard play hard is my favourite saying because we take it seriously, we work 16 – 20 hour days all summer and then kick back and enjoy family time in the winter when the wedding season comes to a close.”


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What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Along with becoming more established in the wedding catering industry and growing our business we are just starting to create what will become the wedding crashers blog.”

“As we caterer at many weddings each week we get a fantastic insight into the wedding industry and now we are starting to share our insights with our followers on social media and email.”

“The goal here is help brides create the best wedding ever using our tips and ideas we see each week.”

“Who knows the opportunities this will create as we increase our outreach, once thing is for sure, weddings are now our life and we want to share our passion with everyone we come in contact with.”


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KK catering has previously been featured in an article on alternative wedding food.

The company has locations in Manchester, Hemel Hempstead and Bristol but can travel all over the U.K.

To find out some more information about what they can do for your Event have a look at Frequently Asked Questions.


To Contact KK Catering

Website: http://www.kkcatering.co.uk/

Email: events@kkcatering.co.uk

Phone: 0844 740 5001

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kkcateringuk

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kkcateringuk

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kkcatering


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