New Sponsor – Introducing Julie Anne Images

Today I am thrilled to be welcoming a brand new Sponsor to the Plans and Presents Blog.

Julie Anne Skelton is Julie Anne Images and I am a huge fan of her work.

I have previously featured Julie Annes Photography here and here.

Julie Annes name was picked out the hat as the Winner of my recent Sponsor Giveaway and I am delighted she is on board.




I hand over to Julie Anne to tell you all about herself,


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Julie Skelton,  and I am a photographer, currently based in Guildford, Surrey.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I set up Julie Anne Images in 2008, having been on a photography holiday while considering  a change in career direction.”

“It hadn’t occurred to me that photography could be my living, but the course leader saw something in my style of pictures and encouraged me to take it up as a business.”


What inspires you?

“People, and their value and meaning to one another.”

“I think that what we have meant to other people, and the part we have played in each other’s lives, are what will stand the test of time, and I try to show that in my photographs.”

“Other than that, I’m really inspired by all types of music, it often has a very emotional effect on me!”

“I also have a ‘wedding wall’ at home. I collected mismatched second-hand frames from charity shops and antique fairs, and have a selection of family wedding photos in there from previous generations.”

“I love that I can see their faces on their wedding day; what they wore; family likenesses; how they stood so proudly for an official picture.”

“It helps me to remember what a privilege it is to be the person recording wedding-day images for families.”


Do trends influence the service your provide?

“Of course there will always be an influence if you spend any time looking at magazines, TV or the web to be inspired by work that other people are producing.”

“But for the most part, when I try to get to know the couples that I work with so that everyone feels relaxed with each other, I am trying to represent their unique relationship and characters.”

“That means that whatever trends come and go, I want to offer up a true and heartfelt representation of who they are at a particular moment in time.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Every wedding, it’s often the older generation who will come up at the end of the day and thank me for being so unobtrusive.”

“That feels like a little victory each time, because it’s exactly how I aim to be.”

“I’ve made some good friends along the way in the wedding couples that I’ve worked with, and had wonderful messages full of joy and excitement the first time that they see their images.  I couldn’t ask for more!”


What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“My aim is always to produce heart-skippingly beautiful, meaningful pictures for people.”

“I don’t intend to hugely expand my volume of work because it’s important to me to be making these connections with the couples and families I work with, and giving the best I can each time.”

“I’d like to cover more intimate weddings, maybe an emotional elopement or two, have opportunity to photograph couples outdoors in wild & dramatic landscapes, and continue to attract by word-of-mouth the sort of clients with a like-minded approach to soaking in every moment of their memorable day.”


Tell us about your favourite things!

“Cups of tea… time with family… the Isle of Skye… Black Forest Gateau… an unputdownable book… crochet… puffins… I love to sing!… long summer evenings… big bear-hugs… the sea… walking boots… tidiness… dahlias… the movie ‘A River Runs Through It’… Edinburgh (where I grew up)… sunrises… owls… Cumbria… Scottish Snowballs (except M&S have stopped selling them!!)… the Northern Lights… quilts… mountains… chocolate… and reindeer!”


Below are some beautiful examples of Julie Annes work…







I am sure that you will agree that Julie Annes work is exceptional and I am so very pleased for her to Sponsor and support Plans and Presents.

I look forward to sharing more of her work on the Blog.


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