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Today I am delighted to welcome PSHIKOTRA Photography as a brand new Sponsor on Plans and Presents Blog.

In 2012 Priti dipped her toes into the wedding industry for the first time and loved it.

She met some beautiful couples on her journey and captured some beautiful moments, and she loves the opportunity of sharing love  and unique stories, in a unique style.

Some Couples have descibed her style as documentary, quirky, creative, professional  and calm.

Priti is based in the North West but travels all over the UK and beyond.



I pass over to Priti to share some background on herself and what she does.


Who are you and what do you do ? 

“Hey guys –  I’m Priti (pronounced pretty) – the face behind PSHIKOTRA Photography!”




“I (photo)shoot people in love on their magical day, music and fashion. The latter two has helped me bring a different style to my Wedding Photography.”

“In my first year of business, I found that my brides and grooms were naturally music buffs! It helped that they ‘got’ my style.”

“My style of work is very candid and documentary / reportage. Like a fly on the wall really. I think capturing the natural environment is just as important as getting formal shots.”

“It really captures the essence of the day shooting this way. We all know what it’s like when someone points a camera in our face right? Not the best feeling. So I aim to shoot low-key as possible.”




When and why did you start your Business? 

“I started shooting music in 2009-10 whilst I was working full-time at Apple. People started making comments on my work and said I should pursue it further and see where it takes me.”

“In all honesty I didn’t know you could make a living from photography, it’s not something I’d ever researched although I loved taking photos from a very young age.”

“I took a year off and went travelling, I was still shooting but more travel and documentary type work. I was a bit of a rebel working full-time. It didn’t quite fit in with ‘me’. It was a love – hate relationship.”

“Having taken a year out and working in the middle of nowhere in Australia, something clicked and I made the decision that this was it – Photography is the only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life! (Cheesy, I know!)”

“I came back in December 2011 and since then, I threw myself into pursuing photography. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some awesome musicians here in Manchester and on top of that I shot 13 weddings last year, and some-how I ended up shooting fashion.”

“I’m still new to this but I really enjoy the fashion and music as I can get really creative with that aspect of it. That creative element I can then bring into my wedding work. I think the travel photography helped define my style a bit more, in the sense that it helped me learn how to shoot as things happen and ‘on the go’.”



What inspires you? 

“Live music, lights at concerts, cinematography, nature, travel, fashion. LIFE. I’m a people watcher, I can sit in the city and watch people – I find it fascinating.”

“I’m inspired by the smallest of things but on the other hand – I’m fascinated by the ocean and the unknown. Working with fellow creatives, and working with passionate people – that’s inspiring.”

“You know, inspiration is everywhere. I think traveling really opens your eyes, backpacking was an amazing experience.”

“One day your sat with monkeys and petting tigers, to then being in the middle of nowhere and living in a place called Dingo in the middle of Australia where only a pub, a roadhouse, and a post office exists along with 60 houses.”

“That’s a huge contrast from the city life. These different experiences make you feel alive, they make me feel inspired. Just LIFE is inspiring.”


Do trends have any impact on your STYLE of photography? 

“I find it frustrating that people have to tag your work with a style or put you in a category. If your category- less then no-one wants to know.”

“If it’s not ‘vintage’ then it’s not acceptable for submission, if it’s not a ‘high end wedding’ then it can’t be featured in this magazine. If your bride doesn’t have tattoos, then sorry your work isn’t good enough.”

“What about the inbetween’s? My aim is to get to know my bride and groom and ensure that their day is shot in a way that their true personality is captured. As long as my bride and groom are happy with their photography – then that is all that matters.”

“I’m not looking for a stamp of approval from anyone – I want to attract the right people to work with after they see my work. I don’t want to be caught up in trends and come across as pretentious.”

“I’m making my own trend and style! Or so I’ve been told…. ”

“A quote by Anna Wintour (Vogue) always is my mantra – “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”




What has been your greatest achievement? 

“2012 was an awesome year career wise, considering it was my first year. I mean, this time last year I was about to shoot my first wedding having second shot for just a handful of weddings before.”

“Last year I got to travel to so many different places as part of ‘ Wedding work’ like Manchester, Liverpool, Herefordshire, London and even Bournemouth and if I can keep going with travel AND photography… then that’s going to be such an amazing feeling.”

“I even went into the studio with a band I’m working closely with and the work got published to their album artwork.”

“In my personal life – I’d say travelling and taking time out for a year was the best thing I ever did. I did so many amazing things that year and I got to see and live out in Australia (I’d wanted to do that since I was like 16 or from as young as I can remember!) travelled to Bali, Thailand, Tokyo, Hong Kong.”

“I think that everyone should travel for a while and experiance the world – I’m still not done  yet but it’s mixing work with travel next! it opens your eyes and forever changes you as a person, for the better. It makes you really value things, you know?”


Whats the future for your Business? 

“The aim is to get bigger and better. It’s a huge curve ball and I’ve learnt so much from last year, alot of it was trial and error and now it’s time to step it up and REALLY bite my teeth into it and get down and dirty.”

“Not just the wedding photography aspect of it, but as a creative, music and fashion is something I love to do and I think that it’s so important to do what you enjoy and love the most.”

“By being able to do the music and fashion work too, it helps me make the wedding photography more creative and different and hopefully my prospective clients will see that in my work.”

“I told myself last year, by this time next year, if I failed in what I want to pursue, I’ll walk away from it. But I’ve seen results, and so it’s time to get bigger and better !!”




I want to welcome Priti to the Blog and look forward to sharing more of her work.

She has been previously featured here – A Love that starts with Haribo.


Special Offer

Classic package which is the following :
– Pre wedding consultation and visit ( Over Skype / Person )
– Coverage from Bridal Prep through to First Dance
– High res images on digital media format
– Choice of photobook / prints for keep sake.
£800  (Includes travel costs to ANYWHERE in the UK for 2013 bookings)



To Contact PSHIKOTRA Photography

Phone: 07523 266 811


UK Wedding Blogger with an eclectic style based in Glasgow

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