New Sponsor – Disgraceful Grace – Gorgeous, captivating & unique UK bridal accessories.

Today I am thrilled to introduce Disgraceful Grace as a new Sponsor on the Plans and Presents Blog.

Disgraceful Grace is an E – Boutique based in Aberfeldy, Scotland which stocks hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and hard to find items like clip-on earrings, shoe clips and bridal sashes sourced from innovative British artisans alongside top quality international designers.  They major on a bridal range of beautiful pearl, Swarovski crystal and silver designs which would be as comfortably placed on the set of Downton as worn with jeans, and they pride ourselves on offering designs that will tempt you into impulsive everyday indulgence ‘just because’ it makes you feel good.

I had a chat with Julia O’ Hara who owns Disgraceful Grace to get the skinny on the Brand,

Where does the name come from ?

“The playful and contrary name…Disgraceful Grace… is intended to reflect the wit and whim of the British with a nod to endearing human failings.”

“So many bridal brands attempt to harness grace and elegance, our brand is intended to have stopping power – to make us memorable and distinct – contemporary and classic, contrary and unique, fun and surprising.”

“When my husband (Bracken) and I set up Disgraceful Grace (DG), we wanted our brand to connect with real women, women who want the elegance of bygone times but not at the expense of expressing contemporary individuality.”

“The contradiction in our company name is there by design, to appeal to an audience of modern, bright women who care about global issues and appreciate a charitable cause, but who can still be girlie about planning for a wedding and don’t feel the need to necessarily compromise on a bit of devilish indulgence and feeling pretty if they don’t have to! We think our brand is reassuringly memorable and resonates with modern brides.”

disgraceful: adj.

 1.       Bringing or warranting disgrace

 2.       Shameful

 grace: n.

 1.    Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.

 2.     A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement.

 3.     A sense of fitness or propriety.

What is it you do, and what services do you offer?

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a modern woman in possession of the perfect dress, must be in want of some gorgeous little accessories!”

“Our little e-boutique is a siren song for women with a passion for jewellery and an elegant spirit. We source beautiful jewellery and accessories and sell relaxed glamour to time-starved UK brides and accessory devotees.”

“We are on a mission to become the key ingredient to help brides, their mums and their maids find a convenient and enjoyable online alternative to the high street for big day accessorising….that bit of any outfit that expresses the most about the personality! We aim to indulge and delight women’s contrary desires to be on trend and to be different at the same time.”

“We firmly believe that wedding day elegance is more than just the right frock for brides and their nearest and dearest. The devil is in the detail, and we focus on finding versatile and classic jewellery and accessories that complete the ensemble and ensure the bride is customising her outfit to express herself as an individual on the big day including jewellery, hair accessories, satin and lace evening gloves, wedding dress sashes and belts, versatile shoe clips and earring converters for the forgotten few who still hunt the near-extinct clip-on earring!”

“With brides looking to minimise the number of suppliers they deal with in preparing for their wedding day and preferring to take recommendations from trusted sources, we also facilitate a shoe dyeing service to help time-starved overwhelmed brides ease the burden of sourcing suppliers, and find bespoke solutions to head-to-toe accessorising for such an important occasion.”

“The beauty of custom coloured shoes is that you have more choice at the time of purchase. With most satin wedding shoes coming in white or ivory, you can select them for comfort and style and sort out the colour later. We can even arrange for them to be re-dyed to black or navy after the special day is done to give them a useful life after the event.”

When, and why did you start your business?

“Disgraceful Grace e-boutique opened its virtual doors on Valentine’s Day 2012. Before deciding to open our little e-boutique, our wife and husband team (order intentional!) lived a corporate existence.”

“For me, this meant spending most of my time away from the hills and fresh air of my adopted Perthshire home (…and beloved husband!) to take flights several times a week to London and beyond, relying on jewellery and accessories to measure up to the glamorous work wardrobes of hard-core fashionista colleagues and produce a myriad looks from a capsule wardrobe and a suitcase that would fit into an overhead locker!”

“This is the reason behind my passion for accessories and the start of the motivation for Disgraceful Grace which crystallised when planning for my own wedding.”

“We set up this little e-boutique after finding it impossible to find the right jewellery to wear with my own wedding dress. My experience was that bridal shops focused on the frock and not the ensemble…not the details that make you feel that you are wearing it well!”

“The jewellery I ended up wearing for my big day served its purpose but won’t be the next generation’s something borrowed! I was also too busy to browse for the little details which is why I love being able to offer an online alternative for busy modern women.”

What inspires you?

“I will never forget seeing Audrey Hepburn on screen for the first time in that tea-length wedding dress in the 1950’s film Funny Face… innocence with a touch of scarlet lipstick…Audrey Hepburn, a women whose career and glamorous fashionable image could be viewed as superficial and yet she had an inner grace as well as an outer beauty, a lady who radiated personality and whose charitable nature shone, evidenced by her work with UNICEF and children’s charities.”

“Her image is very much the visual inspiration for Disgraceful Grace, but more important, it is the appealing contrariness of her image and personality, the superficial model and actress with an emotional depth and substance that inspires.”

“That’s why we included our charity range when we launched. It was important to us that we set up a feel-good business that we could be proud of. Alongside our range of everyday elegance and bridal jewellery, we have a smattering of complementary products that speak to our brand of glamour and gorgeousness, impulse buy essentials that prove that philanthropy and indulgence are not mutually exclusive! Look out for our All for Eve beauty products, Soulwater greetings cards and Christie charity bracelet…”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“Personally, marrying my husband!
Professionally…I believe that is still to come!”

What’s the future for your Business?

“Right now we are focusing on building our reputation through honest and reliable customer service, first class quality products that will last, and a social network that offers intelligent, informative content. Our e-boutique launches at a time when the great British public are increasingly turning to the internet and smartphone browsing to meet the demands of modern life and to find things distinct from the high street.”

“With shopping via smartphones an increasingly popular measure to keep pace with life, and sales via mobile platforms expected to increase dramatically, we want to improve our mobile platform for multi-tasking women on the go. We have embraced the social side of shopping online by including a Facebook social store where a selection of products can be added to a shopping spree without having to leave Facebook at all, but we need to grow awareness of this route.”


P and P Offer

“We would like to extend a 10% discount to anyone finding us through the Plans and Presents blog until the end of May. Enter the following code at checkout to get a 10% discount – DISGRACE03.”

Thank you so much to Julia and Bracken for coming on board and look forward to sharing lots more about them over the coming few months.

I love the brand idea and diversity of products and also the contribtion to charity through the purchase of some products. Its good to give back.


To Contact Disgraceful Grace



Phone: 01887 829866





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