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Today I have great pleasure in introducing a lovely New Sponsor.  Margaret Byrne owns Dream Veils and vows to create your perfect veil for your perfect day.

From small beginnings 6 years ago, she has grown it into a wonderful Business serving the UK and internationally.

I spoke to Margaret to find out all about Dream Veils,

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“I hand make Bridal veils…they are made to order and completely bespoke.”

“I rarely make two veils the same as each bride wants something slightly different.”

“I use the softest of tulle, in various colours, and the two types of silks – firm silk and soft silk. I have sourced some beautiful laces which are especially made for me, and I make many wonderful mantilla and lace veils.”

“I also make birdcage veils in different nets, and also in tulle and make First Holy Communion veils for little girls too.”

“As an aside I embroider napkins, hankerchiefs, bibs and towels  as well – not only for brides but also for any special occasions. I send veils all over the world making my Business truly international!”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“Going back to my school days I remember making clothes, and over the years I have made many dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and veils – but not professionally- just for family and close friends. It was a hobby I suppose!”

“So I made my daughter best friend’s wedding dress and veil and she encouraged to do something professional.”

“I visited a bridal fair and saw the veils on offer, and I thought I can do better than that so Dream Veils was born on the Metro tram on my way home from it in Manchester.”

“It was a cold January and I began research and plans. Dream veils was actually named on 11th February 2006 at 23.04 hrs to be precise.”

What inspires you ?

“Ohhh wow that’s a broad question!- everything I see I suppose.”

“I love to go around the trade bridal fairs to see what kind of styles are about to emerge over the next year and that inspires me a lot to make veils that will complement the dresses.”

“I keep my eyes and ears open to see what the latest trends are to be, and try to adapt veils to suit.”

“I read lots of blogs to see what is being talked about too, they are a huge inspiration. You need to know what’s “going down” to be up to date.”

“I get asked a lot for well-known veils that feature in films or that celebrities or royals wear.

“I also have been very inspired by the vintage theme that is around. in fact my own veil from my wedding is now “vintage !”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“Apart from my children and grandchildren– my greatest achievement is Dream Veils. I have built it into a truly international little business- and I am so proud of myself!”

“I also built and run the website- which I think is perhaps a bit too big for itself– it’s just I need to put so much on it as brides are buying for the most important day of their lives and to buy from a website is very risky. So I put as many real brides on the main pages of the site and also all the photos the brides send me on photo albums– so these help brides to see the veils displayed in so many ways.

Whats the future for your Business ?

“I want to expand just a little more. I have some ideas for new veils which I am working on and I am expanding the vintage range. I just want to keep up to date and refresh all the styles of veils I make – so to keep them relevant.”

“Some veils are timeless but others go in and out of fashion- so I need to be on top of the current trends.”

Margaret provides an illustrative reference to help you with Veil choice,


Thanks ever so much to Margaret for coming on board, below are some stunning examples of her work.


Margaret would also like to offer Plans and Presents Readers a 10% discount on any order.  Just enter Code: MrsPandP10  when ordering.

 To Contact Dream Veils



Phone: 0161 637 3526





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