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Today I am quite simply thrilled to welcome the fantastic Adam Leyton of Top Table Planner as a Sponsor on the Plans and Presents Blog.

Adam’s wee piece of technology has Brides and Grooms across the land quite simply breathing a huge sigh of relief for its Wedding Seating Plan problem solving properties.

What do you do, and what Services do you provide ?

“TopTablePlanner is an online tool for planning the seating at your wedding. We all know that arranging the seating plan can be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding and TopTablePlanner aim to take some of that headache away!”

“Instead of having to mess around with scraps of paper, PostIt Notes or a messy Excel spreadsheet, you just add your guests and tables and drag them around the screen until you’ve created the perfect seating plan.”

When, and Why did you start your Business ?

“TopTablePlanner was launched in 2007 and since its launch has helped couples in over 70 countries to plan their seating!  It was when planning our own wedding that we realised how hard arranging the seating was.”

“I wrote the software and we used it to plan our own tables.  I left my job as a Project Leader for a large electronics company to focus on it full-time and the rest, as they say, is history!”

What inspires you ?

“I’m inspired by people who make a success of both their business and their family life.  I’m now a Dad of three adorable children (the youngest being just 6 weeks) and balancing both family and business can be tough at times.  It’s an immense privilege though to be able to run your own business and work from home.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“I think the greatest achievement for TopTablePlanner was being listed in the Brides Magazine list of “Top 75 Wedding Websites” a few years ago.”

“Having said that, five successful years of trading is a wonderful achievement too and I’m sure in that time we’ve helped to reduce a significant number of pre-wedding stresses and headaches!”

Whats the future for Toptableplanner ?

“The future is certainly exciting and we plan to keep improving the software, adding new features and making it even more easy to use than it already is!”

I’m really excited to have Adam on board and can’t wait to share more about his fabulous service.

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    A fantastic service -I recently had a bride whose stationery I had done and was to do her tableplan a couple of weeks back. She simply gave me her login and password to get access to the table plan she had created with the above. I was able to see any last minute changes she was making and had lots of great features which made my job incredibly easy…can’t rave enough about this! Will be recommending it to all my customers.

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    That’s lovely to hear Lindsay, thanks! 🙂

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