Take One Tablet Three Times Daily… TopTablePlanner Meets The iPad!

Today I am quite simply thrilled to announce that Top Table Planner the popular online tool for event seating planning, is now fully compatible with the Apple iPad.

Adam’s wee piece of technology has Brides and Grooms across the land quite simply breathing a huge sigh of relief for its Wedding Seating Plan problem solving properties and now its even easier to use whilst on the move.

Anyone looking to create a seating plan for a wedding or other event can now do so using almost any platform, including PC, Mac, iPad, touchscreen tablets, and mobile phones. In fact TopTablePlanner is now the only online seating planning tool in the world which offers this degree of versatility and convenience.

The new updated version of the software which now offers full iPad support still offers the convenience of having the seating plans on a central online server, which means that they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. A wedding seating plan created at home on a PC can now easily be accessed, edited, shared and printed using an iPad, tablet PC or mobile phone whilst on the move.

Adam Leyton, Founder of TopTablePlanner remarked: “Since many wedding planners and venue coordinators now regularly use an iPad as a useful tool, the new compatibility which TopTablePlanner offers will be a very welcome update.”

Because TopTablePlanner is so simple and easy-to-use, this additional compatibility means that couples can create and edit their own seating plans at home, editing them as necessary when they meet up with their wedding planner/co-ordinator.

Although other drag and drop seating plan software facilities are available online, most are either Flash™ based or do not work properly on a touchscreen device. This means that they are not compatible with Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone.

As the popularity of tablet computers continues to grow, TopTablePlanner believe that this new update reflects the changing way in which people are using technology, especially in the field of venue coordinating and wedding planning.

One of the advantages of TopTablePlanner compared to other seating planning tools is that there is no software to download. The entire application is online, and can be accessed using any web browser. This means that it can be accessed instantly using any device connected to the Internet, including PCs, Macs, iPad and other tablet computers, iPhones and other touchscreen mobile phones.

As well as there being nothing to download, there is no need to worry about losing data either as all draft and finished seating plans are automatically saved online, accessible at any time, and from anywhere in the world. This significantly helps to improve the collaboration which is often required when designing and agreeing the seating for a wedding or other event.

Users can begin using TopTablePlanner by simply importing their guest list, adding, rearranging and adjusting tables within the room, and dragging and dropping guests’ names into suitable locations.

In addition to printing large, high-quality seating plans for display at the venue, and for distribution to venue coordinators and catering staff, TopTablePlanner is also able to print place cards which can then be placed around the room to help guests locate their seat easily.

In a recent survey of wedding guests, the overwhelming majority agreed that they much prefer having designated seating arrangements as this significantly reduces the chance of any potential problems. It is more often the case that not all guests invited to a wedding will know each other, which is why it is more helpful for the Bride and Groom, in partnership with their wedding planner/venue co-ordinator, to design a seating plan which will enable all guests to relax and enjoy the occasion fully.

It is hoped that this new update to provide full iPad compatibility will help make this process even more convenient than before.

Notes: An AirPrint compatible printer is required in order to print plans directly from an iPad or iPhone.

A completely free trial is available, with full access costing just £10 or $20 for a six month license.


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