A beautiful 60s Bridal Fashion styled shoot

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful 60s Bridal Fashion styled shoot.

Images were captured by Theresa Cunningham with concept by Made Up by Cathryn.

60s Bridal Fashion

The 60s were an exciting and exhuberant decade full of youthful enthusiasm.

It was all about rebellion to some extent, and writing you own rules similar to todays modern Bride.

As hemlines got higher they bucked tradition and many were influenced by fashion and musical icons of the time such as Jane Fonda, Twiggy, Mary Quant and Yoko Ono, much like todays celebrities and the Instagram generation.

So a crack team of creatives came together to remember this era of style and how today a Bride can still incorporate that era of style into her celebration.


Cathryn says of the shoot…


My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April this year and when I look back on the photos what strikes me is how ultra trendy my parents were, and how good my Mum looked in her blue mini dress, matching duster coat and short beehive.

The era intrigues me as the fashion was pushing boundaries from the more conservative style of 50s and early 60s.

Fashion became more accessible and influenced by new ground-breaking club and music scene, something my parents part of in Liverpool.


I wanted to do a gentle nod to that style but still in a modern way, with real 60s dresses I had loaned from Sixpenny Bride, all short and one with that duster coat I loved on my Mum.

We were also loaned short veils big veils which was again a trend of the time, and a vintage feather Alice band.

Florist Rachel Peers from La Beau Fleurs studied floral designs of the era and discovered that the bouquets were small and compact with smaller foliage throughout.

Bearing this in mind she made 2 wonderful designs for the shoot.

Teresa Cunningham shot the images, I like her effortless, fun approach to the images she captures, and this was perfect for capturing my vision.

Duncan Fisher Hair Designer created hairstyles for our models.

Known for big glam hair he jumped at the chance of being able to go large, and create beehive and big hair on the two models.

Both were differing looks but ultimately 60s and bridal.

I did the makeup and came up with the concept for the shoot, and I was very focused on keeping it to the time.

On Rachel, the lighter brunette model I used purple tones in her make up.

I used a cut crease method, so darker more concentrated in the crease and working to lighter in centre of eye.

It wasn’t so much about blending on the eye but  more about packing colour on, with lots of lashes and liner.

With the other model I used a similar vein in styling but using blues but with full lashes and lots of liner.

Skin was kept matte with a nude pink lip as shimmer and dewy products weren’t of the time.


All of this was set at Hawarden Castle Pavilion which is an old cricket pavillion converted but in a retro vibe flooded with tons of natural light for photos and with views of the old ruined castle and the new castle.

The Pavillion is located in a beautiful village on the North Wales border with historical links to the prime minister William Gladstone,


Thanks to Cathyrn and the team for sharing this beautiful 60s bridal fashion styled shoot.

What a beautiful tribute to the gowns of the era and to her parents in celebrating this momentous milestone.


Shoot Vendors

Venue: Hawarden Castle Pavilion

Photography: Teresa Cunningham

Make Up and Shoot Concept: Made Up by Cathryn

Wedding Gowns and Accessories: Sixpenny Bride

Floristry: Rachel Peers from La Beau Fleurs

Hair: Duncan Fisher Hair Designer

Models: Rachel Toal and Laura Hopkinson


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