A beautiful Italian “Love Letter” inspired styled shoot

Today I am excited to share this incredibly beautiful Italian “Love Letter” inspired styled shoot.

Roma Elizabeth Photography took part in a fine art wedding photography workshop and these are the wonderful images she captured when visualising the incredibly romantic theme.

Roma is a fine at wedding photographer for the romantic and the adventurous based in Glasgow Scotland.


She says of her work…


“My interest for photography first sparked in my teenage years when I was signed to an agency as a model.”

“After 10 years in this industry I realised I was much more comfortable being behind the camera than in front, and just like you, I don’t like having my photo taken.”

“These years have helped me realise how scary and uncomfortable it can be to be photographed so one of my main focuses is always to make my clients feel at ease, almost so much so by the end of the shoot we will be most likely chatting like old friends.”

“They say photographs are the only tangible memories, which means that my perspective is how you will remember some of the most important moments in your life.”

“With that in mind, I have to capture the details (big and small) in the most beautiful light.” “I want you to laugh and cry when you look at your photos.”

“Whether it’s your wedding day or your babies growing up, time goes by so fast, so it’s my job to document your story… beautifully.”


She says of the workshop, the inspiration and the shoot…


“I think it is important to continue to improve as a wedding photographer and to take every opportunity to learn as much as I can from other people working in the industry who I admire.”

“That’s why I was so excited when last summer I had the honour of being picked as one of 13 participants to be part of a fine art wedding photography workshop with the very talented Naomi and Holly from Belle and Beau Photography.”

“This workshop had attracted photographers from across Europe so I felt incredibly honoured to have been chosen to attend.”

“A few weeks beforehand we were sent a beautiful ‘Love Letter’ storyboard. It described a girl from a rural Italian village who had fallen in love with an English boy:”

“Olivia and Anthony have been away from each other for the last month, and Anthony has posted Olivia a love letter everyday, to let her know that he adores her and can’t wait to marry her.”

“This workshop has also led me to find some incredible friends in this industry,, I love that The Beautiful Way Group has such an ace bunch of open, honest and inspiring girls. Looking forward to our next adventure all together.”

Shoot Credits

Photography: Roma Elizabeth | Workshop: A Beautiful Way | Mentors: Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography + Naomi Kenton Photography | Venue: Almonry Barn | Dress and accessories: Lady Evelyn | Flowers: The Rose Shed | Stationery: Gemma Milly | Ribbon: Lancaster and Cornish | Shoes: Harriet Wilde | Make Up: The Barn | Hair: Louise Alway | Model: Rachel Hayton


To Contact Roma Elizabeth photography

Website: http://romaelizabeth.com/

Email: info@romaelizabethphotography.com

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