A beautiful Railway Bridal Shoot at Colne Valley Railway

Today I am delighted to share this beautiful Railway bridal Shoot captured at Colne Valley Railway Station.

Anyway that knows us knows we are a bit train daft in this house from my little man all the way to his Grandad so I find myself in many old stations from time to time.

It may be the romance from the days of steam but these lovely vintage stations hold a certain allure.

Kevin of Pengelly Photography worked with a great collaborative team to create some amazing images.


Kevin says of the shoot…

“Sometimes its nice to be involved in a shoot with like minded suppliers.”

“In the course of our wedding work we have worked together many times and also on various shoots as we love thinking outside the box and being creative.”

“For the purpose of this shoot the inspiration was to keep it bridal but to contrast the soft floaty bridal image with an industrial/machinery background.”

“The venue we chose for the shoot was Colne Valley Railway which fitted in perfectly for what we were looking for,”

“This  award winning period country railway features a  pretty line, almost a mile long, with relocated station buildings, signal boxes and bridges all lovingly restored and rebuilt.”

“There is also a large and varied collection of vintage steam and diesel engines, carriages and wagons that represent much of the regions railway heritage.”

“Our model Amber went for an “updo” hairstyle created by Tina of Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings with lots of floating curls and Emma Brooks make up accentuating the eyes and lips.”

“Sam of Wild Poppy Flowers went for a large bouquet with soft pastel colours for the flowers with Kevin using lots of depth of field to add dimension to the photos.”

“The beautiful gowns were supplied by Karen at Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique.”

amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-1 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-2 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-3 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-4 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-5 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-6 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-7 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-8 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-9 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-10 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-11 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-12 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-13 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-14 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-15 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-16 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-17 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-18 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-19 amber-tutton-model-pengelly-photography-colne-valley-railway-railway-bridal-shoot-20Thank you so much to Kevin and Sabrina of Pengelly Photography for sharing this stunning railway bridal shoot.

Love the balance between the the soft bridal look and the sharpness of the train machinery.

There is an atmosphere of 1940s movies with Hollywood starlets for waiting their dashing leading man and who doesn’t love old style romance.


The Team

Venue: Colne Valley Railway

Photographer: Pengelly Photography

Make up : Emma Brooks Make Up

Hair : Beautiful Hair 4 Weddings

Flowers: Wild Poppy Flowers

Dress : Rock The Frock Bridal Boutique

Model : Amber Tutton


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