A Boho Luxe meets Lavender Wedding Styled Shoot

Today I am thrilled to share this stunning boho luxe meets lavender wedding styled shoot.

This beautifully styled concept is set amongst alluring lavender fields at Sault Restaurant in the stunning Victoria countryside in Australia.

Images were captured by Sephory Photography.

The talented team who helped to bring this elegantly ethereal vision to life have written a style guide especially for our couples so that you can be inspired for your own magical big day…

Influences & Inspiration of the Theme

“As you’ll find with your wedding, you’ll start off with an idea but you will witness it beautifully turn into something beyond your wildest expectations and so different, in a good way, to how you originally wanted it to be.”

“When we started planning how we wanted this shoot to turn out, we had our hearts set on darker and moodier – think rich plums and velvet reds, set in an enchanting forest with that wild, untamed spirit of the boho couple.”

“Our ideas were ever changing, but at the heart of it all, we wanted to create something unique.”.

“The shoot moved organically towards more earthy tones and we found ourselves then wanting to achieve a more feminine, fairy tale theme with the incorporation of our stylist’s own individual touch.”

“She defines her personal style as boho and hippy and soon realized it is hard to separate yourself from it all, just as you as a bride will find it hard to not bring into your wedding day you and your partner’s own personality and lovable quirks.”

“You want to make the experience personal and you want to have a connection with it. You have to make the day well and truly yours.”

“In the end, it unexpectedly but pleasantly turned out to be a boho meets soft purple with that much-needed elegant touch brought in by the gold accents.”



“Picking the (perfect) location is one of the most important parts in wedding planning because once it’s locked in, you can plan all the finer details around it.”

“We looked at the possibility of hosting this shoot at a beach or forest until we realized that we would have to change our themes and colours slightly based on the location.”

“Considering the surrounding and the lighting, we chose this location because it was stunning throughout each hour of the day!”


“Shades of purple ranging from deep to pastel blended with soft pinks will add that feminine feel while coupling that with crisp whites and creamy colours along with gold will contribute that perfect touch of contrast and highlight.”

“The green adds that sense of vibrancy and should be present through the floral arrangements and natural surroundings so as to not overdo it.”

Adding touches of metallic throughout your special day will add that sophisticated and modern element.”

Décor &Texture

“A traditional wooden table adds that charmingly rustic, relaxed and countryside elegance feel and it allows for an intimate gathering that isn’t overly formal.”

“Set against it lightly washed lavender fabrics for that soft, romantic feel.”

“For that hippy, casual feel that really welcomes your guests, go with an elaborately unique patterned rug to set the base, then layer it with fur rugs, sequin and tasseled handmade throws, a range of cushions inspired by Moroccan prints, thickly stitched accessories and metallic gold ottomans.”

“Find inspiration from the heart of Morocco and bring it into the 21st century.”


“Ask your florist for a blooming, elaborate arrangement that will speak for itself – leafy greens and succulents with pastel pink roses and lavender sprigs decorated throughout.”

“Pay attention to detail and serve your guests a soft purple beverage in crystal glassware with real lavender sprigs for a thoughtful touch.”

“Let the floral arrangement be unstructured and messy, the greenery is necessary for breaking up the richness of the purple.”

“You want an effortless, natural, organic-looking and free-flowing arrangement that will steal the show.”

Outdoor Tablescape

“Decorate the wooden table with the geodes and gems that will well and truly stand out – think purple, rose or clear quartz and amethyst.”

“For that structure, add geometric vases and candleholders.”

“For the platting, go with white gold edged paired with gold cutlery wrapped in ripped soft lilac silk ribbon with gold scripted ink name tags attached layered on a lilac cloth.”

Indoor Tablescape

“The main difference with the inside setting is that it was more elaborate and formal.”

Centerpiece & DIY

“Dare to be different and to really leave an impression on your guests.”

“Cow skulls may seem a little too eccentric, but you can glam it up to your own liking and add your own touch to it.”

“We purchased one , spray painted it white and the horns gold, glued on the lace and embellished it with peals, diamantes, jewels and an earring dropping from its forehead.”

“We made it romantic and feminine in our own way.”


“All of your guests will be eagerly awaiting dessert, so continue the theme and make it extra special for them!”

“Go with the crowd favourite: macarons and sprinkle some gold glitter and flakes onto it.”

“Add berry filled desserts for that rich contrast of reds and purples. To continue through with that casual vibe, you can’t go wrong with a high tea spread.”


“The daytime will give you that soft natural lighting, but you’ll be celebrating far into the night, so keep the atmosphere inviting and romantic and hang some lights from the tree above.”

“Tie the glass candle holder to a thick rope and here’s our key piece of advice: go with electronic candles which should be easy to source from the local discount store.”

“Surround your guests with a warm glow and even go with dressing the tree with fairy lights!”


“As relaxed as this wedding theme is, you do want to really draw your guests in with that luxe element.”

“We recommend gold foiled and laser cut invitations, a favourite amongst the most stylist and modern of couples”

“Featured in this shoot, was our elaborately detailed gated card with you and your partner’s personal monogram laser cut into the fold out and held together by a sweet lotus flower sticker.”

“For a less over the top and more chic invitation, there is the floral framed laser cut design that has a more bohemian feel.”


“You’ll be outdoors so keep it light and natural.”

“For the base of your face, think dewy and luminous skin kept glowing with highlight or strobing”

“.Top it with a baby pink or peach blush paired with rose gold or copper colored eyeshadow.”

“For that contrast and move away from the glossy, keep the lips light and matte with a nude and neutral color.”


“Have your hair rather loose and free, think effortlessly natural hair-down waves or go with natural braids wrapped with real lavender sprigs and decorated delicately with handmade flower crowns or pearl and crystal embellished head wear that will really make a statement.”

Wedding Dress

“Picking the dress is perhaps the biggest moment for you in all of the wedding planning experience.”

“The Nicole Spose gown with the lace backing, features a subtly embellished bodice with an illusion neckline, beaded floral embroidery, and delicate lace appliqués that cascade into a tulle skirt for the bride who wants to really make a statement.”

“The Sottero and Midgley gown is a chic lace wedding dress; accented with spaghetti straps; demure illusion back and V-neckline, finished with delicate pearl buttons is for the bride who wants something soft and light.”

“The long-sleeved Maggie Sottero gown classic sheath wedding dress features embellished illusion lace over jersey & atop a feminine sweetheart neckline and long sleeves with hand-placed lace appliques is for the bride who wants a boho meets elegant look.”

Children at Weddings

“There are always fun and creative ways to include children in weddings!”

“Dress them up playfully and allow them to run free on the day and join in on the celebrations.”

“A perfect way to make them feel included is to go with the held-up signs reading statements like “Here Comes The Bride” and “Don’t Panic Ladies, I’m Still Single.”

Isn’t it just dreamy. The hue has a lush sophisticated feel to it and complimented with richer purples and a hint of gold gives the palette so much more depth

This enchanting shade packs a seasonal punch and is perfect for spring celebrations drawing you in with its beguiling charm.


Vendor Credits

Photography: Sephory Photography

Stylist: Katerina Vermes – Senior Designer at Adorn Invitations

Venue: Sault Restaurant – Daylesford

Dresses: Maggie Sottero, Sottero and Midgely and Nicole Spose from Raffaele Ciuca

Flowers: Babylon Flowers

Food: Mary Eats Cake

Invitations: Adorn Invitations

Makeup & Hair: Lynetta Ramani Hair & Make Up

Gemstones and Rocks: Crystal World Brunswick

Headpiece and Jewellery: Loveon Jewellery 

Models: Caity Caarels & Carl Zvekan


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