A Pretty in Punk inspired Alternative Bridal Shoot

Punk rock fashion has always been expressive and rebellious, but mismash in a contemporary twist with a softer and prettier side and you get this amazing Pretty in Punk inspired alternative Bridal Shoot.

Images were captured on location at The Barn at Upcote by Sheryl at Oobaloos Photography with styling by Erin at Way Out Wedding in collaboration with an incredible creative team.

Erin says of the shoot…


I met Sheryl from Oobaloos Photography for a coffee, and wstarted brainstorming shoot ideas.

We knew we wanted to go alternative with the theme, and we settled on a punk idea.

We pulled together a team of suppliers and models from all four corners of the UK, and after our amazing meeting I went away and started pinning to give form and direction to the shoot.

I wanted to explore a prettier and more contemporary incarnation of the original punk subculture of the 1970s and 1980s, and how the brides and grooms of today would look back to the era and then reinterpret and appropriate elements into modern day wedding styling

My vision was full of tulles, embroidered upcycled dresses, separates, DIYd t-shirts, slogans, song lyrics, androgyny, undercuts, faux hawks, heavy set jewellery, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen (from Lee’s days), a bit of Manic Street Preachers early days, Sid and Nancy…

I met up with Jan from Atelier 19 so we could look at both of our collections and pick relevant pieces.

She has such a stunning treasure trove of vintage and designed pieces, and I was in my element picking pieces.

We picked several pieces between us, and I left my original 1980s dress and some tulles with her to embellish with slogans, lyrics and generally ‘punk up’.

Jan says, “When Erin asked me to if I wanted to be involved in a punk inspired shoot, I was delighted and very excited as although my designs are primarily pretty, they often have an edge to them and I’ve always been inspired by the punk era.”

I had come up with the shoot’s title as a twist on one of my favourite films Pretty in Pink.

I immediately started research into the softer side of punk, but also couture designers such as Valentino, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

I already had a few garments that were suitable, including a hand knitted mohair jumper that I had designed in the ‘80s, but also sourced vintage ‘80s dresses, which I upcycled with embroidered images, logos and Patti Smith song lyrics.

I also had an original leather jacket that had belonged to my husband when he was a teenager, which I upcycled with embroidered patches pinned on with safety pins.

I had fun looking through the Teapots and Tiaras stock picking out bits that I thought would be punk-like with the styling also venturing into the new romantic and baroque and we had amazing crockery and tableware by Wild and Violet.

I also had a blast painting a charity shop shirt with the lyrics to Pretty Vacant!

The cake was by the amazing Lauren at French Made!

Her cake was covered in white textured buttercream with black and purple touches in the style of the models’ make-up. She also used studded denim ribbon reminiscent of the punk era.

The brilliant Myriam from La dame au béret was also 100% my go-to for perfect punk styling for the the millinery, and some of the accessories, shoes and tableware. She sent me the best parcel that was basically punk in a box!

She says, “In the late ‘70s, as a kid, I liked Disco music and Abba, then I discovered Blondie, and that was it!”

“Punks were rarely pictured wearing hats, but because of the modern twist on the image of ‘Punk’, I imagined a kind of ‘Baroque ‘n’ Roll’ look for the models.

“Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux, two of the main female icons of Punk, were my inspiration. I went for a bright pink and black lace pillbox, which could have suited Debbie’s bleached blonde hair and sleeveless denim jacket she worn at the time.

“I also sent a black damask hat, with a slight military feel, for Siouxsie in her fetish gear at the Screen on the Green’s Sex Pistols gig.”


The showstopping tiara by Gemma Sangwine is made from recycled pieces of diamante jewellery, in true DIY fashion, and was inspired by the opulence of John Galliano and the decadence of Alexander McQueen.

It added a real glamour – and again a little baroque – to the punk look, meeting perfectly the brief to bring in ‘pretty’ elements while not losing the edge.

The stationery by DeWinton Paper Co. was inspired by the subversive, anarchic nature of punk, turning age old traditions on their head and re-imagining the wedding stationery in a playful and chaotic style.

Harriet combined watercolour, brush lettering and typography from iconic album artworks of the time. I thought ‘God Save The Date’ was a particularly clever touch!

Emma from The Flower Girls used pampas grass, eucalyptus, burgundy ranunculus & cream roses, and the palette was perfectly dark and dramatic, accented with lighter colours that brought the prettiness.

I gave Joanna from Vallender Salon lots of images of faux hawks, pins and studs in hair, traditional punk hairstyles and more modern undercut styles.

What she created was incredible – we had safety pins in the models’ hair and all sorts!

Sadie, our make-up artist, created some amazing looks from the pictures I’d given her, and was just brilliant with interpreting what I wanted.

I wanted an avant-garde whited out face, almost like an eighteenth century Versailles look, with strong doll-like lips and streaked cheeks.

Other looks stuck to the typical heavy eyeliner detail, and everything Sandie did was just fabulous.

Emma Adams and Kelly Prince from Frock It Bride provided and made some absolutely perfect punk pieces.

They provided denim, a suit and punk inspired t-shirts for this shoot. We wanted it to reflect our alternative and slightly gothic style, whilst keeping true to the theme.

We found a black vintage slim fitting trouser suit at a flea market, and re-studded the lapels; we styled it with a David Bowie inspired t-shirt from Lush Stuff, a fabulous Cheltenham-based accessories company.

The overall look was feminine, yet edgy and our showstopper piece was the customised jacket made by Kelly.

A current season H&M denim jacket was cut down and bleached, studded, fine chains added, and pink hued flower patches added. The finished effect was incredible.

Our venues rustic vibe gave a fantastic contrast to the punk side of things, and also lent a lot to the pretty feel of our styling.

The shoot on the day was the most wonderful experience: a gathering of talented and visionary professionals,  and the end result was truly mesmerising.


Shoot Credits

Venue: The Barn at Upcote 

Creative direction and styling – Way Out Wedding

Photography: Oobaloos Photography

Dresses/ bustle/ jewellery and embellished leather jackets: Atelier 19 / Tulles and DIY ‘Pretty Vacant’ shirt: No Debutante

Veils and headpieces: Gemma Sangwine

Millinery: La dame au béret

Jewellery and accessories: stylist’s own / Atelier 19/ Gemma Sangwine/ La dame au béret

Suit, embellished acid denim: Frock It Bride

Heroes t-shirt: Lush Stuff

Shoes: Charla Tedrick; No Debutante

MUA: Bella Bridal Hair by Sandie

Hair: Joanna Vallender at Vallender Salon

Cake: French Made

Stationery: DeWinton Paper Co.

Flowers: The Flower Girls

Props: Teapots and Tiaras

Crockery and tableware: stylist’s own & Wild & Violet

Models: Tammy Jaqueline Snipe & Emily Ball


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