A Right Royal Knees Up ~ Alternative wedding styling for Meghan and Harrys Big Day

On this day of celebration I am excited to share a right Royal Knees Up with some alternative wedding styling for Meghan and Harrys Big Day.

Now I figure if the happy couple didn’t have to conform to Royal protocol they would be having a very much more relaxed do.

Of all the royals Harry has always been the most down to earth with the humanity and fun his mum was known for, and with his Bride he has chosen someone that reflects those values too.

With his position comes a certain expectation and I am sure the Wedding is going to be an incredibly stylish event

However I reckon if the couple had the choice of a more relaxed day without the pomp and circumstance, then they would love to be at one with the people in a street party/afternoon tea style celebration.

They have already flung conventionality to the wind with their choice of cake ~ lemon and elderflower sounds absolutely scrumptious and the thought of lemon curd filling is sending my tastebuds into overdrive.

I’m sure even Her Majesty the Queen would even love to sit back with the Duke and her corgis with a refreshing brew and a small sherry instead of hosting a formal reception.


With Royal Wedding excitement at fever pitch, what better colours than the red, white and blue reflective of both the UK’s Union Jack and the USA’s Stars and Stripes as a starting point for some colour in this pretty shoot.

This Bride wears traditional white with all the colour coming from the accessories and decor, but you can mix this up to set your own tone.

As a Bride or couple you know how you like to express your individuality and using the base colour palette you could go to town.

As for the footwear, well the bride could have no end of choice of shoes within this colour theme to make a statement, and I am sure Meghan loves her shoes.


To contrast with the regal splendour of a Royal Wedding, a rustic, country barn was chosen as the setting for the shoot.

The table was aimed at representing a good old street party with afternoon tea as a style.

Using vintage china and bunting is an easy decor for brides to replicate and the simplicity of berries and mini cup cakes gave a sense of something anyone could recreate for their day.

The bouquet was designed around solid colours, with little pops of white with the pearls and the bride needed red lips for her make up to compliment the red in the theme.

There are so many ways you could adapt this theme. Swap the balloons for paper lanterns and fans and even tone down the bright solid colours, for softer hues for a subtler approach.

Picnic themed food, afternoon tea and sharing bowls are all ways people chose to have their wedding food.


At the end of the day and despite tradition and conventionality Meghan and Harry will  have put their your own stamp or spin on things on their day.

Wherever the inspiration for their Big Day has come from, it all comes down to what was right for them.

While for the Royal couple formality will play a large part those small touches will make their day memorable.

Shoot Credits

Shoot Location – Manor Farm in Rearsby

Photography – Joanne Withers Photography

Cake – Sharons Sugarcraft


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