Achieving a contemporary look for Tartan in Weddings

Many couples want to use tartan on their Big day, which led Lindsey Get Knotted & Anna from  to collaborate showing how tartan in weddings can be used in a modern and contemporary way.

Although sometimes couples want to celebrate their Scottishness or just like Tartan with so many combinations and colours it can get a bit scary, and lets face it sometimes our family tartans aren’t quite to our taste.

This fabulous team set up several settings where Lindsey styled and provided props, and Scotland Shop provided the tartan details to create stunning wedding receptions and ceremony decoration details.




Lindsey says of the planning and day of the shoot…


“I visited Anna’s showroom and offices and spent a very exciting hour going through loads of different boxes of tartan, I had no idea there were so many.”

“The colours were amazing and offered brilliant possibilities and ideas. I absolutely loved putting the schemes together.”


“We worked with three beautiful venues in the Scottish Borders – all quite different…”


Aikwood Tower – an enchanting little castle, which has a blend of ancient and very contemporary, this was the striking backdrop for the Gordon Red Ancient tartan.”







“It also has a charming orchard, which we used for the outdoor shoot with bright yellow chairs where the Gordon Clan Weathered, Gordon Modern and Ancient Gordon tartans were used.”








The Haining in Selkirk – this is situated on the edge of its own Loch and the Taylor Ancient Tartan looked soft and beautiful in the gardens against the water.”








Gunsgreen House – the quirky Smugglers Palace, with vibrant blue walls worked a treat with the Young Weathered tartan.”










“It was fascinating to mix different colours and textures with the tartans. The sky is the limit with these wonderful Scottish fabrics.”


Lindsey hands over to Anna of to go into the background of the shoot….


What prompted the shoot

“We make so many products for weddings and spend so much time chatting on the phone to brides and grooms helping them to come up with clever ways of incorporating tartan into their weddings.”

“We felt it was time to create some special pages for our website to inspire couples…hence the photo shoot.”

“People are often frightened of tartan with it’s bold patterns and colours, which is why we want to help them to see the amazing things that can be done with it.”


Where did the inspiration come from?

“Our inspiration came from our customers and the amount of enquires we were getting for help with tartan in weddings.”

“Often they just use a bit of fabric or ribbon on tables, which is why we wanted to demonstrate how you can use tartan in clever ways to create amazing looks, or how to incorporate it into an existing theme.”

“Brides quite often don’t like their family tartan they have to use and we wanted to show how to introduce other colours and bring out the bits they do like to suit their theme.”


“Each of our four themes were inspired by the venues; the blue room at Gunsgreen House inspired the use of our Young tartan, the beautiful orchard at Aikwood Tower just had to be used for a boho outdoor theme and the rich colours and atmosphere of the grand hall made us want to go wild with colour, which is where we used the shocking pink combined with Gordon Red Ancient tartan.”

The Haining at Selkirk was set outside by the tranquil waterside, which inspired the soft pastel colours and reflective table settings to catch the sunshine.”


A Retrospective of the day

“We came away inspired! Once we started creating the four different themes, the ideas just kept flowing.”

“Lindsey was a dream to work with and really opened our eyes to what can be done with tartan.”

“We made a great team as we know our tartans inside out and were able to suggest colour combinations and fabrics that would work well, and Lindsey was so good at the finishing touches.”

“We were blessed with good weather, some of the best sunshine we’ve seen all year, which made it so much easier.”

“Two exhausting days setting everything up and constantly touching up and re-styling for the perfect shots was all worth it and made me want to get married all over again!”

“We were so please to work with lovely people and amazing venues with so many opportunities to create different themes and atmospheres.”


Shoot Suppliers

Tartan cloths –

Styling – Lindsey from Get Knotted with her creative and organised mind (a rare combination!) and her amazing husband who can pack an awful lot into one van – he even supplied sandwiches when we forgot to eat!

PhotographyAlex Aikman Smith, our photographer who worked tirelessly to get the shots absolutely perfect.

Venues –  Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth,  Aikwood Tower and The Haining near Selkirk.

Sequin Tablecloth – Pudding Bridge – a stunning feature , which I now want for every party.

Floristry – Get Knotted – Flowers for beautiful blooms – we still have the daisies used on the shoot at our office door.


Thank you to Anna, Lyndsey and the team for sharing some amazing Tartan in Weddings inspiration.

For a Scottish Wedding there is nothing more lovely than celebrating your heritage in some small way.

Being flamboyant with tartan need not be seen as overwhelming anymore,  and whether you go all out or with a a few well chosen touches it can create a bold elegant modern look.




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