An amazing chic meets geek Doctor Who Wedding styled shoot

Today I am excited to share this amazing chic meets geek Doctor Who Wedding styled shoot.

You don’t have to be a fan of the show to love the styling but Whovians will adore the incredible attention to detail.

We adore the new Doctor in our house and this shoot just blows my sci-fi loving mind.

Images were captured by Yvonne Lishman Photography with planning and co-ordination by Charlotte Laurie Designs  and the combined talents of an awesome creative team.,

Doctor Who is all about seeking adventure, finding friendship, fighting for those in trouble and battling for the common good.

That connection transcends over time and space and what better theme for a wedding  than about love that can reach across a universe.

Inspiration for a Wedding theme doesn’t need to follow a set course much like the Doctors travels and this shoot marries geek with chic perfectly.


I hand over to Charlotte Laurie to tell us about the shoot…


As an alternative bouquet maker, I’m often getting asked to create pieces that incorporate the couples favourite things, more and more these things are linked to film and TV.

Favourite shows are becoming more and more a part of a couples big day.

I love the show Doctor Who and at the time of the shoot it was the run up to our first female Doctor ( now on our screens).

With this in mind I wanted to create a shoot that had a Doctor who theme running through it but woven into the details.

Often if people hear about a wedding theme especially a sci fi or fantasy one people assume it will be all Giant Daleks or Iron Thrones, obviously that can be a lot of fun but what I really wanted to show was that you can take something you love and weave it into the styling and still have that beautiful wedding you have always dreamt of.

Giving the whole shoot an additional Victorian Steam punk twist seemed to go hand in hand with the idea and really pulled the whole concept together.


With it’s beautiful Victorian features Papplewick Pumping station was the perfect setting for the shoot and our stylist Linzi from That Black and White Cat embraced the Doctor Who theme incorporating antique time pieces and cogs into the décor.

Built between 1882 and 1884, Papplewick is well known as Britain’s finest Victorian Water Works and the only one in the Midlands to be preserved as a complete working water pumping station.

If you want an industrial, Victorian vibe to your celebration then this is the place.

The shoot had so many lovely touches from everlasting bouquets with embroidered Gallifreyan elements and Doctor who charms, that amazing cake, the painted jacket, embroidered napkins linked to the show and even Biggles my dog sporting his very own bow tie.


We  also wanted to take the idea of Victorian corsetry and give it a modern twist, perfect for the Victorian setting but also relevant to todays Brides.

The work that Debi from Powdered and Waisted Corsetry does was exactly right for the project and her attention to detail is second to none.

For hair there was a slight Victorian nod but we wanted to keep it quite free, then for the make up we wanted to be quite bold and stand out in the setting, both artists did an amazing job on the day.


Shoot Credits  

Coordination & Bouquets & Flowers – Charlotte Laurie Designs

Styling – That Black and White Cat

Photographer – Yvonne Lishman Photography

Location – Papplewick Pumping Station

Models outfits and styling – Powdered and Waisted

Styling extras – Vintage Fare & Wedding Day Wishes

Cake – Debbie Gillespie Cake Design

Embroidered napkins & Garter and Hankies – Extra Special Touch

Hair – Dani  – Bliss Hair

Make up – Beautiful You Beautician And MUA

Stationery – Prim and Glad

Painted Jacket – Sammy Lea Signs

Cogs and painted seating plan – Bramble Sky Event Decor

Rings – Sam Ryde 

Lace Boots – House of Elliot Collection

Models – Tori & Olita


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    Love the thoughts and details that went into this shoot.

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