“Black Swan” ~ An enchanting Gothic Bridal shoot inspired by Swan Lake

Today I am thrilled to share this enchanting Gothic Bridal shoot inspired by Swan Lake.

A Bride is her own person, and that means she doesn’t have to be stuck in the box of tradition, and that is never more true than with the Wedding Gown she wears.

Whether you go white, coloured or in this case, black, your Wedding Gown reflects you as a person.

While this styled shoot was not overtly Bridal in nature, it has the styling to inspire those looking for a more unique or gothic look in their Big Day.

Complimented by the groom in a dark suit this shoot is quite enchanting.

Images were captured by Olivia Whitbread Roberts.

I hand you over to Olivia to tell you about the shoot…


“The objective of the shoot was to channel the beauty of bridal through a dark shoot with themes of gothica.”

“We chose the two models based on their unique style and their fluidity with each other; Leighs hair and body art played a particularly strong role within the shoot.”

“The inspiration for the shoot came from a combination of the Swan Lake theatre productions and from previous winter shoots that the team and I had collaborated on.”

Stithians Lake was used for the location due to it being a quiet, vast open space of which we could use for its natural landscape and colours.”

“The mood board for the shoot consisted of a monotones and the odd splash of red/auburn.”

“We wanted a connection to bridal to be evident in the shoot, whilst at the same time creating a distinctive look that could correlate with the more individual Bride and Grooms who were perhaps looking for a non-traditional wedding.”

“The dress was hand dyed and stitched by Andrea the hair stylist to create a gothic look.”

“The suit was coloured to fit the theme and was provided by ‘Little Anne Maids’.”

“As the female model Leigh, had such a distinctive style, we felt it important to create an individual look for this set of images, as to detract from any previous shoots that she had been involved in.”

“This encouraged the decision to apply heavy makeup and also to incorporate a fringe; two looks of which were unfamiliar to Leigh as a model. ”

Verity the Makeup Artist chose strong dark blue makeup and lashes to bring out the blue of the eyes and a powerful lip colour to match the sharpness of the fringe.”

“We decided against flower or jewellery as we felt it important that the body art of the two Model, Tommy and Leigh was our main focus and something that we did not want to focus to be detracted from.”


Thank you so much to Olivia and shoot team for allowing me to share their incredible collaborative work.

I love models intense makeup and body art alongside the darkness of the gown, it adds an air of strength, and the gown is just stunning and perfect for the Bride that likes to express herself…

The brides deep auburn tresses solidify this smouldering look and provide a warmth to the shoot.

Combined with the grooms amazing dark suit and piercing gaze this couple bond to make for some striking portraits.


Shoot Credits

Photography: Olivia WR Fine-Art photography

Mua: Verity james – Makeup by Verity

Hair stylist: Andrea Mcneil  – ‘Locks and Lashes

Models: (male model) Tommy Stewart  (female model) Leigh Hill

Suit: Little Anne Maids


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