Breathtaking Game of Thrones inspired Wedding styled shoot

For those wanting to channel their inner medieval this Game of Thrones inspired Wedding styled shoot is breathtaking.

Images were captured by Sarah Larae Photography, alongside the creativity of a fabulous creative team.

Sarah says of the shoot…


This Game of Thrones inspired wedding shoot was so good for my nerd heart. When I booked this styled shoot it was before the last season had begun.

At the time, I was so excited to see the epic conclusion to one of my favourite fantasy series but to be honest, the ending broke my heart and I was bitter about it FOR MONTHS.

I didn’t even want to do this shoot because I was so upset about the how the conclusion was written.

However, soon after arriving on site and looking at all the amazing work done by Penny, Nicole, Becky, Brittany and all the other amazing vendors involved my heart began to heal.

I have since made up my own ending in my head where all the dragons and dire wolves are alive and well. John and Daenarys are together and Arya killed Cersei.


For the purposes of this Game of Thrones inspired Wedding shoot our setting was Oakleaf Cottage, set in middle of the woods on rocky, sloping mountainside terrains in North Georgia.

The rugged surrounding were reminiscent of the wild windswept landscapes of the show.

From the faux fur and rustic elegance that was a part of this shoot to the beautiful themed stationery that provides an amazing insight into the day, to the tablescape with richly coloured linens,  goblets, candles and spectacular florals the theme shines though.

Our Brides gown is regal with a medieval edge with sweeping capes, accessorised by bejewelled headpieces, atop hair styled in beautiful braids, and our Groom has that strong warrior look.

The candle lit calligraphed aisle is exquisite and in addition  there is wedding signs with a well known quote from the show too… Moon of my Life, My Sun My Stars.

A Game of Thrones shoot wouldn’t be complete however without dire wolves, but in this case beautiful huskies in representation.

Shoot Vendors

Venue: Oakleaf Cottage

Photography: Sarah Larae Photography

Host P. Chevalley Artistry and Styled Shoots USA

Gowns & Earrings: Monica’s Bridal

Cape / Cloak /Tiaras:  Penny Chevalley

Florist:  Trilogy Design Group

Cake: Sierra’s Cakewerks

Scrolls & Calligraphy: PS Greetings

Scroll & Flat Lay: Nicole Smith Frazier

Rentals & Decor: Red Roof Farm Vintage Rentals

Hair: Bobby Pinning by Brittney

Makeup: Michaela Pierard

Models: Tia Johnson, Tybee Rudd, Dom, Husky “Kaya” (Eric Bates), Husky “Kodak” (Allen Cummings)


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