“Christmas Eve Dreams” ~ A romantic and intriguing Christmas Wedding inspirational shoot

Today I am excited to share “Christmas Eve Dreams”… a romantic and intriguing Christmas Wedding inspirational shoot.

The shoot was shot on location at Liriodendron Mansion, and images were captured by Amanda MacPhee Studios in collaboration with an incredible creative team.

Amanda says of the shoot…


I LOVE a good story. Disney stories have my heart and fairy tales are the essence of my being.

So every now and then I feel the urge to start writing again; to cultivate a beautiful world with engaging characters and a lively scenery.

And it works out so beautifully when I have a styled shoot, because how many times can you say “The florals were out of this world, and the couple was the sweetest” before it starts to feel inauthentic and tired?

Inspiration shoots really are the perfect opportunity for me to spin a tale of romance and intrigue, while also showcasing some of my best work.

So please enjoy “Christmas Dreams…”


It was Christmas Eve and that meant downstairs everyone was prepping for her families annual Christmas Party. It was always quite the event.

Christmas lights everywhere, all the women laughing and chatting with each other, their family jewels glinting whenever they turned, men in full dress leading those women onto the dance floor with dashing smiles…

And the tree was always so fantastically put together, it was the main event every year. It was almost like another world when they lit the lights and everything was aglow in Christmas splendour.

And this year, she, Miss Cassandra Eve Liriodendron, would be able to attend!

Just thinking about it made her squeal with delight and spin around the room with her specially made gown.

This was also the first year she didn’t have to wear any of her sisters old gowns, so she didn’t hesitate one minute to select a cream coloured ruffle dream.

Just imagine how she would look twirling around the dance floor with all the potential suitors trying to claim her attention. She would be demure the entire time, of course, not showing an inch of how much she was enjoying herself. That is the way of a Liriodendron lady after all.

Briefly she lets her mind wander to Her perfect someone. Maybe she’ll meet him tonight, fall madly in love, and be happily married by this time next year…

Oh! a wedding on Christmas Eve. How magical that would be…


She would walk up to him and he would look at her, smile, and say something utterly romantic.

Naturally she would melt and blush prettily for him.

They would stand out in the back of the estate to make their vows. He would kiss her, take her hand and lead her down the aisle. She would be so unbelievably happy.

There would be an outdoor dessert bar brimming with chocolates, holiday drinks and all the Christmas cookies.

The cake would be white, of course.

She would sit with him on the terrace at a beautiful table dotted with candles and wrapped in lace, under the wisteria as it neared its end.

It would be magic. Just the two of them wrapped up in each other.


He would spin her round and round until the wisteria begins to glow, pull her in, dip her down low. And he would kiss her with so much love, so much passion…


A voice rips through the white haze and Cassandra looks around her bedroom, clutching her skirts.

Shaking her head, she looks up at the clock. 9:00! She was late!

Throwing her shoes on, checking her reflection one last time, she scurries down the hall and down a flight of stairs.

Reaching the landing, she looks out at the sea of red and green sparkling before her. She spots her mother tapping her watch and sheepishly makes her way down the last flight of stairs.

All eyes are on her. She fiddles with dress, hoping it’s not because of how she looks.

In that moment, she trips down that last step and feels someone catch her just as the breath is knocked from her.

Looking up to make her apologies, she falls silent as she looks up at the handsome stranger smiling down at her.

Except…he’s not a stranger! She never thought she would see him again…

“Nathaniel?” she asks, a smile tugging on her lips.


Amazing Shoot Vendors

Photography: Amanda MacPhee Studios

Venue: Liriodendron Mansion

Prop Styling & Shoot Direction: Atwater Lane

Calligraphy: Peach & Paperie

Cake: The Cake Studio

Jewelry: Atheria

Dresses: Francesca’s Bridal

Florals: Fleur de Charme

Models: Katelyn & Nathaniel Laremore and Alyssa Smith

Furniture & Props: East Vintage Charm

Hair & Makeup: Airbrush Faces

Live Painter: Brittany Branson

Welcome Gift & Signs: Welcoming District

Groomsmen Gifts: Groomsday


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